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We’re looking for guest bloggers!

Are you a travel blogger looking for a new place to post? We’d love for you to write for our blog.

We want to inspire travel and let other travellers in on the tips and secrets we’ve picked up over the years. If you’re got a story to tell or some valuable advice to give, we want to know.

We love informative, original, unusual stories. Guest posts can come in any format: a top ten list, a series of tips, a story about a travel experience, a local neighbourhood guide – whatever works best.

Don’t be shy, get in touch today and pitch us a post.

How do I guest blog?

  • Send a specific idea for a post (or a few different ideas) so we can get the conversation started. Just saying “hey, I want to write for you,” without a pitch doesn’t tell us enough!
  • Unless you really know your stuff, you’ve been there and can offer a genuinely insightful take, proposing a list for the “top 10 best XXX in XXX” or “7 ways to xxx” will send us to sleep.
  • Pitch us an idea that comes from your travel experience: survival guides to less well-known festivals and events; unusual, quirky and original angles on destinations; photo essays – use your heart and imagination.
  • Ignore our bullets above, we ignore your email – them’s the rules.

Please send your name, a link to your blog and what you want to write to London.Editor@hostelbookers.com.

Of course, all posts will have a bio and a link back to your blog and social media feeds. When we put it on Facebook and Twitter we’ll @ you too.

Guest post guidelines

  • 600-1000 words
  • Be specific. Provide local, quirky, off-the beaten-track or fun insight into destinations or events
  • Include average prices, dates, first line of the address, transport advice and anything else that will give a fuller picture of what you’re trying to say
  • All recommendations should be aimed at budget travellers
  • Make sure you check out the HostelBookers blog to keep to our style
  • Include links to useful websites, but don’t go overboard
  • Suggest a title for your article

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Unfortunately we can’t offer any payment, but you will feature on our blog, which is read by more than 200,000 people a month from all corners of the world.

And that’s it. Good luck!

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