Bonkers! The Weirdest Bikes in the World

By Madeleine Wilson

There are plenty of people out there looking to liven up their daily grind of getting from A to B. But I can hardly describe any of the following as practical, just some of the weirdest bikes in the world! A knitted bike bag, a penny farthing, wheels made of sneakers?!”% Bonkers! Me thinks these people have too much time on their hands.

I’ve also snuck in a few quirky bike storage solutions, some rather oddball cycling events, as well as some cool bike accessories.

Would you hear this sneaker bike creeping up on you? It  featured in the Chicago Tour de Fat, an annual event of bizarre bicycles.
An awkward two for the price of one deal.
This Sperm Bullitt Bike is the brain child of Nordisk Cryobank, a leading sperm bank in Copenhagen which decided it needed an eco-friendly and fun way to transport samples to the fertility clinics in the surrounding area. It even features a customer-built cooling system!
Guaranteed to be three time better than your current bike.
Bike thieves will stop at nothing to get their grubby hands on your wheels. No matter how awkward you make it for them! This cyclist failed to outsmart them.
This novel way of seeing the sights while knocking back a glass of the good stuff has been banned in Germany. However the Beerbike in Amsterdam is still in operation. Just to be clear, you do not steer, that is the guide/barman’s job! Passengers are in charge of pedalling.
I could probably bite through this novelty bike chain. Cute though.
WALL-E-come-Back to the Future-come-Bladerunner-style mean machine!
I didn’t know Michelin did bikes! 
I think the helmet is wise.
Zoobombing is a weekly cycling event that takes place in Portland, Oregon. Participants visit from miles around to whizz down the city’s West Hills. First, they take the MAX Light Rail to Washington Park station. There is an escalator leading above ground where you can begin the descent on your bike. The more peculiar the bike the better, for example, an adult should give a kiddie tricycle a go. If you are somewhat lacking in the odd bike department, you can head to the ‘Zoobomb pile’; a sculptural pile-up formed at the Zoobomb meeting point. These are provided for wannabe Zoobombers who don’t have a spare bike.
This is what a mollycoddled bike looks like. Anyone else seen that life-size knitted Ferrari?

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