5 Truly Unusual Modes of Transport

Today’s guest post comes from Carpooling.com, Europe’s largest carpooling network.

Long queues and officious staff. Cramped armrests and plastic headphones. Conversations as stale as the little pre-packed sandwich on your tray. For many seasoned travellers, getting a flight, bus or train has long ago lost any sense of glamour or excitement. For the more adventurous among us, here are five unusual and amazing ways to travel

1. Cargo Ship

If you own a sailor hat, regularly quote Popeye or have ever used the words “Aye, aye Skipper,” then you might want to consider travelling by cargo ship. Many shipping companies offer paying passengers a guest cabin to fill capacity on various routes.

Granted it may not be the most efficient way of travelling but who needs to rush when we you have the open ocean and a warming bottle of rum? Sites like Freighter Travel are a good place to start planning your next sailing adventure.

2. Carpooling

Remember that time when you took a road trip with friends and ended up meeting Mike Tyson, making millions in Vegas and taking care of someone else’s baby? Oh wait, that was a movie. The point is that road trips can be a really fun way to travel.

If you want to save money, you should consider the carsharing platform carpooling.co.uk. The platform carpooling.co.uk is part of the carpooling.com network that offer access to a huge database of ridesharing offers in the United Kingdom and Europe. With a few clicks, drivers offer available seats and passengers can find or book a ride. Instead of paying £21.50 to get the train from London Stansted to London Liverpool Street, for instance, passengers pay a small fee towards the petrol costs of the driver (often around £2).

Here you can find all carshares for London and the actual prices. Carpooling.co.uk also offers free carpooling iPhone App and the carpooling Android App so you can find carpools on-the-go. Carsharing is also a great way to make new friends. Drivers and passengers are often locals or fellow travellers who can provide you with tips and advice about your destination.

3. Zeppelin

What’s round, full of hot air and a little slow? (Hint: we don’t mean Uncle Kevin)

Zeppelin (or blimp) trips are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way to do a little sight-seeing. Floating quietly across a city can be truly surreal and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Having replaced hydrogen with non-flammable helium, the chance that you’ll be the inspiration for Hollywood’s next disaster movie is also much reduced.

Check out companies like Airship Ventures and keep your eyes peeled for the groups of confused, tattooed men who turned up for the ‘Zeppelin Tour’.

4. Beer Bike

One day a nice bar met a cute bicycle and they decided to have a baby. Boom! The beer bike was born and our lives became a little more awesome. True story.

You can catch a ride with one of these moving bars in the city of Amsterdam through Dam Tours. With 30 litres of beer on board and the potential to carry 18 people, you may have to do a little pedalling to help Driver Bob keep the momentum going.

If you’re more of a ‘I’ll watch while you pedal’ kind of person, then you might want to consider getting one of the party trams or buses instead.

5. Nordic Walking

Nordic walking (aka walking with ridiculous aerodynamic sticks) is another way to travel that is often overlooked by travellers. Why get the bus, when you can walk to nearby towns? You burn calories and get to take in some wonderful scenery you might otherwise miss.

Tip: When investing in a set of nerd-ic sticks, make sure the colour complements your lycra walking suit (You don’t want to end up looking like a chump!).

Enjoy your travels!

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