Nolympics Depression? Get Stuck into the Travelympics 2012!


– Written by Victoria Philpott

To fill the Nolympics gap between the Olympics and the Paralympics (starting 29th August) we’ve come up with the HostelBookers Travelympics. And anyone who’s travelled qualifies to join in.

Gather up your new hostel mates [preferably of different nationalities], set up the events below and find yourself an independent adjudicator. Then get going. Don’t forget to let me know the official scores in the comments box below.

You’ve been in training for this moment your whole life. Ready, steady…

1. Bunk bed hopping

Find a 16-bed dorm. Competitors start by the door and have to haul themselves up to the top bunk and jump off before mounting the next one immediately. No use of ladders allowed. This is a highly dangerous sport where only the strong ankles (and beds) survive. Extra points for high jumping over the beds with style.

Join in the Travelympics

2. Hostel orienteering

Competitors are dropped off at a previously unvisited by them location in their current city. First one to get back to the hostel reception desk wins. All you have is a tiny map, a dodgy phone signal and the best universally recognised hand signals you can muster.

3. Stairway dash

Anyone who’s experienced a broken hostel lift will fare well here. Find the longest, most epic set of stairs you can find and the fastest one to the top wins. The Canyon Steps in Ecuador (below) are a great choice, or the Spiral Staircase at the Vatican Museum or San Francisco’s Tiled Steps would work well too. If no epic stairways are available make do with your hostel staircase.

Blue Pueblo

4. City cycling

Competitors must use city-issue bikes. First one to negotiate from one decided point in the city to another safely wins. Time includes docking out and docking in of the bikes too. Possible hurdles should include; taxi drivers, closed parks, bus drivers, car breakdowns, pedestrians and pot holes.

5. Travelympics heptathlon

Seven events to really get your heart racing and test your fearlessness and sporting prowess. Perhaps the hardest event in the Travelympics, but definitely the most rewarding and impressive. Best scores and loudest screams in each event wins.

  1. 85m bungee jump
  2. 13,000ft skydive
  3. 100m sprint for the bus
  4. 5-mile hike with a 25kg backpack
  5. Base jumping
  6. Surfing
  7. White water rafting

6. Beach volleyball

Exactly the same as in the Olympics, but without the talent and the skimpy outfits – the net must also be a bit saggy. Whichever team wins, wins.

The HostelBookers Travelympics

7. Beach gymnastics

Your chosen Travelympics independent adjudicator will give individual scores on interpretative gymnastics, including your best handstand and your best cartwheel. Extra points for landing a backflip.

8. Barefoot football

Teams of 5, or however many you manage to get together. Usual rules apply. Goal markings must be made from jumpers or tshirts. No shoes allowed. All lines are drawn in the sand. Most amount of goals wins.

Beach football

9. ‘Diving’

Must prove yourself in 3 categories:

  • Waterbombing
  • Belly flop
  • Star shape diving

The chosen independent adjudicator will give out points for best form in each category. Most amount of points wins.

10. Ocean swimming

First one to swim from one island to another in the ocean wins. Extra points given for hurdles along the way such as plankton, seaweed, sharks and seaweed. Official independent adjudicator to decide how many on a case by case basis.

11. *Not* horse riding

Ride whichever animal you want – elephant, camel, llama, ostrich, kangaroo or other – just as long as it’s not a horse. Winner is the person who gets from one end of the track to the other, preferably through water or some sort on dangerous terrain.

HostelBookers Travelympics

Thanks to  alicia bruce,  Gabriel Rocha (a.k.a. BRIEL),  gemb1 for the images from Flickr. Please note, all images were used under the Creative Commons License at the time of posting. 

Don’t forget to let me know your scores below…

And show us any pics you have on our Facebook page too 🙂

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