25 of the Worst Travel Tattoos Ever: Think Before You Ink!

The worst travel tattoo

– Compiled by Victoria Philpott

I agree with the sentiment above, but I have too many friends who regret their holiday tattoos and now have to permanently cover arms, backs and shoulders to hide their shame. I just wanted to show you some of the worst travel tattoos I could find to serve as an image of warning next time you and the girls/lads think it’s a great idea to ‘mark’ the occasion… 

Worst Travel tattoos

1. Yikes, is this on the unlucky person’s back? I’m not sure. I’m guessing this marks the time they went dolphin watching, or took their first drug.

Worst travel tattoos ever

2. Step right up Mr Adventure Man. Who needs photos when you can sketch your whole journey into your back. No tattooing talent required…

Worst travel tattoos ever

3. If you do feel the need to replicate the Buddhist gods down your flank, please ask someone over the age of 5 to do it…

worst travel tattoos ever

4. A clear case of ‘going too far’ in wanting to mark their lads holiday…

Worst tattoos in the world

5. News of the World reader: figures.

Worst tattoos in the world

6. Do you think this was to commemorate the crazy night he spent at sea, or a fairground?

Worst travel tattoos ever

7. “No mum, it’s an artist’s representation of the pain and destruction in other countries maaan.”

Worst tattoos around the world
8. I went to Amsterdam and all I got was this lousy tattoo.

Worst travel tattoos ever

9. Wow, on her shoulder too. Yikes. One month of joy, 60 years of cover up cardies.

 Awful tattoos

10. Why do the lines run on even though it’s meant to be blowing in the wind? What happened to the 50 stars for 50 states? And the 13 stripes for the British colonies? I hate it.

worst travel tattoo

11. Hmmm, the world looks kind of ok, but what happened to the smudge of a man? This travel tattoo is grim.

Horrendous travel tattoos

12. Looking at this photo makes me feel sick inside. Imagine going for a tattoo across your chest and they spell ‘wherever’ wrong. Easy on the es my friend. I couldn’t live like this.

Worst travel tattoos ever

13. Possibly the worst travel tattoo of them all…

worst travel tattoos

14. I don’t get it. Why is the tiger stepping into a muddy puddle while the spider looks on? I’m guessing she’s trying to replicate some made experience in India, or something…

Worst travel tattoos

14. Why can’t tattooists spell? Or at least double check each word in a dictionary? A tattoo is for life, not just for Christmas.

Worst travel tattoos

15. Here’s to hoping this person didn’t ask for “a cute koala please”. *Cheers*.

Worst travel tattoos

16. Oh god, really? I feel like the tattooist wrote ‘is mme’ and then when he realised he’d spelt it wrong just dotted the i. Focus!

worst travel tattoos

17. Wow, these guys sure like Seattle. Not sure I’d get my home city of ‘Derby’ tattooed like this, or even ‘London’ for that matter.

Worst travel tattoos

18. Obviously combining her two loves of make up and NYC. All looks a bit smudged to me – although I’m sure anyone can appreciate the mascara brushes pointing out of the Empire State Building.

Worst travel tattoos

19. Hmmm, can’t really work out where this one is on the body. Not that it matters – it’s one of the worst travel tattoos I’ve seen. Thanks.

Worst travel tattoos

20. Damn the 90s and the trend for Chinese symbols – who knows what yours might say?

worst travel tattoos

21. WTF? I have no words for this girl’s commemorative tattoo of America.

Worst travel tattoos

 22. They’re well done, I’ll give her that. But don’t you think they’re really fugly?

worst travel tattoos

23. It’s a little bit funny. But are tattoos meant to be funny? Even I could draw a better llama/goat than this.

Worst travel tattoos

24. Is this real? I guess at least it’s useful.

The worst travel tattoo

25. I don’t hate it, but did the tattooist lose concentration when he got to the ‘st’?

Thanks to everyone for the images. As these images are so widely used on the internet I found it difficult to credit them. If you feel I’ve used your image and would like to be credited please let me know…

Am I too harsh? Let me know what you think in the comments box below…

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23 Responses to “25 of the Worst Travel Tattoos Ever: Think Before You Ink!”

  1. Awful! Not too harsh at all! I’ve taken great care with both of my tattoos to ensure they’re done well and a simple yet meaningful design! I can’t believe how so many clearly don’t give a f*^k about their bodies and just get any old shit inked on for life!

  2. Some pretty shit tattoos in there, but you should think about removing the one of the guys with the full body suits. Those things clearly aren’t spur of the moment travel tattoos.

    • I see your point Cliff. And I was only joking about them being spur of the moment tattoos. I’m sure they literally took years of planning and months of doing. I’ll admit they’re well done and look pretty cool too.

  3. Janice Jacobs Reply

    the koala one is awesome, scary, but pretty awesome. i also like the meowing llama LOL

  4. Number 24 is the DC subway map. I hope to god that’s not real… The orange line (all stops on the very left side of the image) doesn’t look complete so here’s HOPING that it’s a bad photoshop job.

  5. totally agree these are awfull, all but number 13.. come on man ‘rocky horror’!!!! totaly cool, then again, from derby, always need us nottingham folk to tell you whats hip eh!

  6. Many of those are clearly not travel tattoos. Many of them are actually very well done, so they are certainly not all the worst. Due to the subjective nature, you are arguing they’re bad, but many of them are not.

  7. Half of those dont even look like travel tattoos and are quite well done.
    Just because you dont like them doesnt mean other people dont or more importantly the owner of the tattoo.
    Who are you to critisize what people do with there bodys? Holiday tattoo or not?

  8. Lots of those tattoos were awful. Some of them were kind of bad. But there was also a fair few, of which you seemed to be insulting for the sake of it.
    ‘They’re well done, I’ll give her that. But don’t you think they’re really fugly?’- Seriously? Good argument. ‘Oh they look lovely, but they aren’t to my personal taste so let’s bash her on the internet!’

    • All down to personal opinion Clare – I’m sure if you wrote the article there would be a different lot of photos that you think are the worst tattoos ever. To actually find the worst travel tattoos ever I’d need to conduct a measured experiment featuring all the tattoos ever inked and invite a group of independent judges to cast their opinion. Too time consuming and unnecessary I’m afraid.

  9. while I do agree that most of these tattoos are really of low quality and IMHO tacky, I guess it comes down to personal taste, I mean tattoos are supposed to be a personal thing for the individual, but are often displayed in public, so one would think they should be better because we the viewer do not like what we see, but I guess it sometimes also comes to peer pressure or society in general, it is a faze currently to be tattooed, so they more then likely just want to be part of that group, if these tattoos make there owners happy and remind them of good/better times then who can really judge if there the worst tattoos or not?

  10. Nothing as bad as the awful monstrosity Cheryl Cole has had done on her bum !!

    I’ll never understand tattoos…..it’s just a form of self abuse…..or as I was once asked…why would you want to stick an ugly bumper sticker on a new Ferrari !! Needless to say they look bad now….but wait until they are in their 60’s with sagging skin & wrinkles

  11. If these awful tattoos weren’t hilarious enough, your brilliant comments have had me laughing out loud!

  12. Who’s going to worry about sagging tattooed skin when you’re 60 or 80. No one.
    You’d probably have other things to worry about.. 🙂

    And yes most of them (the pictures) are pretty bad..

  13. The advice and taunts of you holler than thou… The only thing more ubiquitous is Hydrogen gas. Do you want to know how much concern the bearers of these tattoos have for the perception of you clones? ” __________ ”
    Judge on you anonymous trolls; save the yoke of your culture for your own offspring.

    #24 & #25: You two are sexy.

    To thine own self…

  14. I have seven very meaningful and well-planned tattoos, and I don’t normally go on about the likeliness of someone’s ink blurring over time. But that’s exactly what will happen with the subway line diagram. Maintaining a flat stomach over time is unlikely, and tiny lettering always blurs, and gravity will cause serious sagging! It can’t be helped. Her diagram was a really neat idea for a tattoo, but my three-inch cat tat on my belly was done by someone famous and has still blurred along the outline over time. People must consider gravity and muscle tone!

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