Travel Nail Art: 25 Awesome Examples

Holiday nails

Compiled by Isabel Clift

Your fingernails are no longer just for nibbling (naughty!) – they’re placeholders for mini works of art. Next time you travel, let your nails do the talking – get inspired by our 25 examples of awesome nail art

1. Flags

Flags nails

Photo: fuckyeahprettynails

2. Jamaica

Jamaica nails

Photo: Boom Nails

3. Day of the Dead, Mexico

Day of the Dead nails

Photo: Nancy MC Nails

4. Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

Photo: The Daily Nail

5. Japanese Design

Japanese design

Photo: Uranias

6. ParisParis nails

Photo: Coewless Polish

7. London

London nails

Photo: Christine Valmy

8. Palm trees

Palm tree nails

Photo: Alyssa Peters

9. New York

NYC nails

Photo: Project:Nails

10. Maps

Map nails

Photo: Holland Beauty

11. Island palms and waves

Jamaica island nails

Photo: Alicia Rock

12. London underground

London underground nails

Photo: The Illustrated Nail

13. Columbia

Columbia nails

Photo: Boom Nails

14. Surfing

Surf nails

Photo: Pin Polish

15. Egypt

Egypt nails

Photo: Fetching Konad Nails

16. Nautical

Nautical nails

Photo: Shauna Elle

17. Hawaii

Hawaii nails

Photo: PSD Guides

18. ‘Zulu pop’

Zulu Africa

Photo: High Snobette

19. Plane and sky

Plane and sky

Photo: The Daily Nail

20. NYC subway map

New York subway nails

Photo: Etsy

21. Bikinis

Bikini nails

Photo: Polish you Pretty

22. Safari

African safari nails

Photo: Fuckyeahprettynails

23. Ice cream

Ice cream nails

Photo: Garage mag

24. More Hawaii

Tropical Hawaii nails

Photo: Nail Art Gallery

25. Koalas

Koala nails

Photo: Katarina Petritsch

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Hero shot: Perfectly Polished Nails. Thanks to all bloggers for the images.

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