25 Pancakes From Around the World

Delicious pancakes

Written by Alexia Dellner

In honour of the wonderful and delicious holiday that is Pancake Day 2014, we present to you an array of pancakes from all around the world. Some light and fluffy, some loaded with toppings, and others just plain bizarre…

Quick FYI:  International Pancake Day is on Shrove Tuesday/ Mardi Gras, which is on 4th March this year. But who needs an excuse to eat pancakes anyway? Get some recipe ideas below…

1. American pancakes

American Pancakes

The inventors of National Pancake Month (every February, we thank you America), these pancakes from the US are thick and stacked high, often filled with toppings like blueberries or chocolate chips, and then smothered in butter and maple syrup. Also called griddlecakes or flapjacks, American pancakes are usually eaten for breakfast.

2. French crêpes

French crepes

Crêpes are thin pancakes that are traditionally made with wheat or buckwheat flour. They can be made savoury or sweet. Crêpe Suzette is a pancake with a boozy orange sauce, served flambéed.

3. English pancakes

English pancakes with sugar and lemon

Similar to French crêpes, English pancakes are thin and usually topped with a sprinkle of sugar and a squeeze of lemon before being rolled.

4. Mexican tortillas

Mexican tortillas

These savoury pancakes are usually made from maize and can be eaten by themselves or filled with beans or meat to make tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas.

5. Russian blinis

Russian blini

Made with yeast and buckwheat flour, blinis are small and thick pancakes often topped with sour cream and fish. Caviar blinis make an elegant appetizer.

6. South Indian/ Sri Lankan dosas

Indian dosa

Fermented crisp crêpes made from rice batter and black lentils. Often served with chutney, ghee or spiced pickle.

7. Indonesian surabi

Indonesian surabi

A traditional small and dense pancake made from rice flour, wheat flour, salt, grated coconut, or coconut milk. Can be eaten plain or with sweet and savoury toppings.

8. Dutch poffertjes

Dutch poffertjes

Miniature fluffy pancakes with a spongy texture, poffertjes are cooked in a special pan and usually topped with icing sugar.

9. Vietnamese banh xeo

Vietnamese banh xeo

Made with rice flour and coconut milk, these crispy pancakes are usually stuffed with pork, shrimp and bean sprouts and served with fish sauce. Pronounce it ‘ban say-0’.

10. Venezuelan arepas

Venezuelan arepas

Small fried or baked corn pancakes that can be split in half and filled with meat, beans, veggies and cheese.

11. Malaysian min chian kuih

Malaysian min chian kuih

Made with ground peanut, red bean paste and soy milk, Malaysian pancakes are served with egg and coconut milk custard.

12. Argentinian pancakes

Dulche de leche pancake

Similar to French crêpes, these pancakes aren’t topped but instead filled and rolled – usually with chocolate and dulce de leche!

13. Chinese Mandarin pancakes

Mandarin pancake

Thin and chewy pancakes made from flour and water before lightly fried in sesame oil. Can be served with Peking duck or Moo shu pork.

14. Ethiopian injeras

Ethipopian injeras

Flatbreads made from teff flour, and served with stews, dips, cheeses and salads. These pancakes have a spongey texture and are perfect for mopping up sauces.

15. Korean bindaetteok

Korean bindaetteok

Bindaetteok translates to mung bean pancakes, and these are made with kimchi, bean sprouts, a little pork, and mung beans of course. Served with dipping sauce.

16. Japanese okonomiyaki

Japanese okonomiyaki

Okonomi literally means “to one’s liking,” and while most versions will consist of batter and cabbage, there are countless variations. Common fillings include meat, seafood, wasabi, cheese and squirts of mayonnaise or plum sauce.

17. Turkish gözleme

Turkish gözleme

A savoury flatbread made with flour, salt, and water and rolled out thinly and cooked on a grill until little brown spots (or “goz” – eyes) appear. Delicious with spinach and feta.

18. Swedish pannkakor

Swedish pannkakor

A thin pancake that is usually topped with whipped cream and strawberry jam. Traditionally eaten on Thursdays after a bowl of pea soup!

19. Finnish pannukakku

Finnish pannukakku

A vanilla-scented pancake that is baked rather than fried or grilled, creating a puffed-up cake with a crisp top and gooey inside.

20. Scottish/Irish/Welsh scotch pancakes

Scotch pancakes

Also known as drop scones, griddle cakes, or crempog. Scotch pancakes are eaten warm with butter and jam, a bit like toast.

21. Polish placki kartoflane

Polish placki kartoflane

These potato pancakes are similar to Jewish latkes, but are slightly mushier and are often served with meat sauce, goulash, apple sauce or mushroom sauce.

22. Australian/ New Zealand pikelets


Pikelets use self-raising flour to create light and airy miniature pancakes. Can be eaten hot or cold and usually eaten with butter and honey or jam for afternoon tea.

23. Algerian baghrir

Algerian baghrir

Meaning “pancakes with a million holes,” baghrir use yeast to create spongey, crumpet-like pancakes. Delicious served with honey.

24. Thai khanom bueang

Thai khanom bueang

This popular street food is made from rice flour and bears resemblance to a crisp taco. Usually filled with thick coconut cream and a sweet or savoury filling.

25. Novelty pancakes

Pancake and sausage on a stick

Chocolate chip pancakes and sausage on a stick – disgusting or delicious? You decide… Image: JimmyDean

Justin Bieber pancake

Bieber fans can get a taste of the singer himself with Chicago-based artist Katherine Kalnes’ celebrity pancakes made using batter, frosting, chocolate chips, blueberries and raisins.

Fish pancakeA fish pancake!

Pancake CAKE

A cake made of pancakes. A pancake cake. Genius!

Burger pancake

Is it just me, or does this pancake burger not only look so delicious but it also just feels so right…

Did we miss any? Tell us about your favourite pancake in the comments below!

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