HostelBookers is Growing…a Moustache!

November has been a big month for the HostelBookers team. The company has seen massive growth…and…erm…not quite in the way you’d expect.

In fact, this particular development may have gone completely unnoticed by our favourite budget travellers and loyal Facebook fans. It hasn’t shown up on the website, wasn’t reported in the newspapers and has made very little change to our business…

Hence the reason we thought it absolutely essential to bring it to your attention:

Throughout November HostelBookers has been officially celebrating Movember!

Encouraged along by our internal champion-of-the-tache Shane Stoeckel, a team of HB recruits joined the race to grow their own mo throughout the month of November. With less than one week before the big shave (that’s if they haven’t become attached to the new ‘distinguished’ look), we think it’s high time to celebrate the joint achievements of these veritable Tom Sellecks…

What is Movember?

Movember is an annual event challenging men across the globe to grow their moustaches throughout the month of November. The tache-growth project aims to change the face of men’s health by raising awareness and funds for the number one cancer affecting men – prostate cancer.

Initially conceived of over a few beers at a Melbourne pub in 2003, Movember has today become a global movement, inspiring Mo Bros and Mo Sistas in the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, The Netherlands and Finland.

By 2009, global participants had climbed to 255,755, and over one million donors raised more than €30 million for Movember’s charity partners.

As for this year? The aim is to beat that record once again…and this time, it’s with the HostelBookers team on board! Funds raised through Movember’s UK campaign will benefit The Prostate Cancer Charity, and be used to increase education, support, research and awareness initiatives.

The HB Team

All hail the Salted Moustachio Nuts!

Headed by their captain Shane, our internal team of HostelBookers mo-growers really know how to work that facial hair.

Shane. The leader of the pack, who brought Movember to HostelBookers from his Australian homeland. Here is Shane pictured with his inspiration – Aussie cricket legend Merv Hughes.

Dan. His tache recently travelled to Venice. Here is Dan deciding what country it will explore next.

Antonio. Our resident HostelBookers musketeer. His tache (and soul patch) are both newly conditioned for extra volume and shine.

Riccardo. He’s got the distinguished Italian tache downpat. It’s the ultimate display of tache-architecture – symmetry, design and a splash of panache.

Davide. He’s developed a real attachment to his tache. Here he is, rather unhappy at the thought of Movember coming to an end.

Like what you see? Want to help The Salted Moustachios raise money for a good cause? Click here to offer a donation in support of Movember 2010. All funds raised will go to The Prostate Cancer Charity, increasing education, research, support and awareness of men’s health issues.

Thanks to lady in the radiator and kxlly for the images off flickr.

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