15 Ways You Know You’re From Stockholm…

Stockholm, Sweden

Blonde hair and blue eyes aren’t the only way to spot someone from Stockholm or Sweden. Whether you were born there or you’re proud to call Stockholm your adopted home, see how many of these ‘15 ways you know you’re from Stockholm’ that you recognise…

Cup of strong Swedish coffee

1. Paying 50 SEK (£5) for a cup of coffee seems reasonable and coffee anywhere else in the world is simply not strong enough

2. You have been on a waiting list for an apartment in the inner part of the city for at least ten years

3. Seeing someone walk to the grocery store in sweatpants and unkempt hair can only mean one of two things – they’re drunk or they’re American

4. No matter how hard other countries may try, you know for a fact that Stockholm is the true capital of Scandinavia

5. In week 29 (that’s July to all you non Swedes) you pack up your things and head to Visby

Swedish man with Baby6. Seeing more men walking around town with babies than women doesn’t even raise an eyebrow

7. And that stroller that new parents are pushing around, claiming it’s retro 1970’s inherited from the grandparents, is ACTUALLY an UrbanJungle stroller worth 15 000 SEK (approx. £1,500).

8. You wear clothes that look like they’ve been bought on the cheap from Myrorna or the local charity shop, but are in fact from top end Swedish designers like Acne and Whyred. Bourgeois bohemian is so in, don’t you know…

9. You actually know exactly how much a LAGOM amount is

10. You’ve been engaged for four years and have no plans to get married

11. Friday afternoon means a trip to Systembolaget, where you already know the catalogue numbers of all your favourite wines

Systembolaget in Stockholm, Sweden

12. You’re happy to drink champagne any day of the week and prefer to drink your beer from a wine glass

13. You’re genuinely shocked when you hear your London friends talk about their hour-long commutes into work – everyone can’t walk to work in 15 minutes?

14. All your grocery shopping is done in large food halls and you only buy the most organic and eco-friendly products. You wouldn’t dream of shopping at Lidl (or telling anyone if you do)

15. You hate Gothenburgers

Agree/disagree? Tell me other ways to spot someone from Stockholm in the comments…

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