More Free Things to Do in Granada – A Graffiti Trail

Face in the Realejo

You don’t have to wander too far into Granada’s tangled web of crumbling streets to realize that it’s a city of graffiti. And one artist is largely responsible: the legendary El NiƱo de las Pinturas. His work can be found all over the web, whether it’s being analyzed in various articles (if you can speak Spanish) or Flickr pages in his honor.

But obviously it’s only on the streets of Granada, that you get to come face to face with the real thing. From tattoo parlors on Calle Molinos…

Pupa Tattoo Parlor

…to bars on Calle Elvira…

El Nino - Calle Elvira

…and even adorning the walls of hostels in Granada (like Funky Backpackers)…

Funky Backpackers Hostel

…you can hardly move without bumping into one his curious (haunting, even) works. Hunting for his handywork down dark alleyways, on the sides of abandoned houses or in the deserted plazas of the Realejo, both makes for a great way to explore the city, and another fantastic free thing to do in Granada in and of itself.

As to why Granada should have such a lot of really good, creative street art…? Well, it’s a beautiful, mystical sort of a place with a faintly mournful feel to it. And that’s always attracted a crowd of alternative types, hippies, artists, soul-searchers and assorted would-be bohemians stretching all the way back to Washington Irving.

Gate on Calle Elvira

Who, after all, wouldn’t be inspired by the spectacle of this Moorish gateway on Calle Elvira?

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