25 Cute Cats Around The World

cute cat pictures

Written by Victoria Philpott

Pictures of cats are my favourite kind of pictures. Photos of cute cats are always good and funny cats too. I don’t want to class all cats as one though, of course there’s a huge variety around the world. Whether they’ve just donned a stripy jumper to embrace their French side, or are Siamese through and through, I thought in honour of World Cat Day on March 1st 2012 I’d take a look at our furry friends and celebrate them in all their nationalities/regional fashions.

1. Not too sure where I’d say this one’s from? Let’s pretend he’s from Antarctica because of his white bib – bit like a penguin, but not really.

Cool Japanese Cat

2. Cute cat from Japan, or at least likes to dress up like he is. Cats would definitely like sushi, but without the rice part of course. Thanks for the image http://ikae-asiancuisines.com.

Happy cat picture

3. Happy cat from happy land!

Cute cat pictures

4. Awwww, I’m going to say this cat’s from Edwardian England. Love the top hat and look how he works that bow tie – he’s like Charles Dickens in cat form.

5. Cats born and bred in Siam, now known as Thailand. Perhaps two of the most famous cats in the world? Although I never registered how creepy there are when I was younger, ‘where we finding baby there be milk nearby’ *shudder*.

Cute cat picture

6. Ooo it’s a little Frenchy cat! In France cats are known as Le Chat – I remember that one from my five years of school French, but that’s about it.

Cute pictures of cats

7. You looking at me? A cool New York scat cat fresh off the set of Bugsy Malone.

Cute cat pictures

8. Awww, it’s always nice to see creatures of different species and races getting along swimmingly. This cat’s from a beautiful land where no matter what your background there’s always time for a cuddle.

cats from around the world

9. This is one of the cutest cat pics I’ve ever seen. This poor little fella doesn’t know where in the world he’s from, but let’s not upset him anymore by asking and just rejoice in his cuteness.

Cool cat

10. Oh yes, what a dude. If John Lennon was a cat, this would be him. For that reason I’ve decided this one is a cross between a Liverpudlian and a New Yorker – a Newpudlian cat. And he rules the world.

Funny cat pic

11. Am I allowed to say this one is from Baghdad? I don’t know where else, yes let’s settle on that.

12. A Sphynx cat – what do you reckon, creepy or beautiful? I’ve just been reading about the history of the Sphynx cat, pretty upsetting stuff. They were created in 1966 when a mother gave birth to a hairless cat. They backcrossed the kitten and the mother, and she gave birth again to a hairless cat and a new breed was born. Although many kittens have died between now and then in the process *sad face*. Thanks to Felicia W Lemmeke for the image.

cute cats from around the world

13. Awww, look at the lil cat trying to wince from the snow. I’m going to say this one’s from Lapland. He helps Santa deliver tuna to the rest of the cats of the world at Christmas.

Cute pictures of cats

14. The origin of the Russian Blue cat is the stuff of legend. The distinctive plush double coat sets this breed apart. Their a popular choice for royalty and anyone else keen on showing off their wealth via the glossy coat of their favourite pet.

Cool Persian cat

15. Haha, one of the funniest cat breeds is the Persian cat. It’s generally amiable, docile and good-natured, and its languid nature has earned it an undeserved reputation for laziness.

16. Everybody wants to be a cat – and you can’t argue with that. Although then we wouldn’t be able to trawl the internet for funny pictures of them, but maybe they trawl the cat equivalent for pics of us. Maybe they have a World Human Day on the 1 March, and one cat somewhere is sitting making a post like this with a photo of you on it?

Cool cat images

17. Awww, look at his bow tie! He’s made such an effort. Wikipedia says bow ties originated in Croatia, so I’m saying this little fella is from there – Zadar to be precise.

cute cat pictures

18. Panda cat! He’s got to be from China. A rare crossbreed between a tabby and a panda this little chap is one of a kind. The previous sentence is completely untrue, and highly disturbing.

Cute cats around the world

19. ‘Andale, andale, arriba, arriba pour me my tequila already human’. That’s what I imagine she’s saying anyway. Just because they’re cats doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy every day human activities too. Equal Opportunities I say.

20. Who wants to go raving with Berlin cat? Me please! This guy loves a bit of minimal techno down at Watergate in Berlin with all the other moggys. He’s the coolest cat on the block.

Cats in hoodies

21. This kitten’s attire reminds me of Peru – there’s always a lot of nice knitted products there. Aww, and he’s cold too. Sometimes it’s cold in Peru, yes, he’s definitely from there.

cats around the world

22. There are a few places this kitty cat could be from, but I’m sticking with Shoreditch in London just because that’s just up the road from the HostelBookers office and I like to think all the cats walk around with black rimmed glasses and beanies, just like the humans.

cool cats around the world

23. Woah, woah, woah, these boys do not look happy. It’s tough in the back streets of Naples where these guys rule the rubbish heaps. You do not wanna get on the wrong side of them and you better hide your tuna when you walk by too – they’ll have their moggy molls on you like a cat on fish.

No need for this Swiss cat to be tough

24. Aww, this pussy cat is from Switzerland – the safest place in the world. There’s no need for tough guys or snarls there, which is why his is so cute. I’m going to call him scary, because he’s not.

Cat from Ireland

25. Irish cat is ready for St Patrick’s Day!

Thanks to everyone for the images. A lot of them have been shared so much that it’s difficult to find the original source – if you’d like to be credited for any of the images above just let me know and I’ll do it ASAP. 

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