What we’ve been reading in…July

Look, before you think we’ve been slacking off over the summer, gorging on blog reading, we now do this post EVERY month. It is our job!

What with the Tour de France and being busy as bees preparing for our bicycle campaign (watch this space for the chance to win a bike of your choice) we’ve all become 2-wheel geeks and discovered other fellow 2-wheel geeks, that is, some lovely bike themed blogs.

Without further ado, here are our favourite blog posts from July…


Tales from a Kruger National Park Safari

Author: Dan Thies from www.speakofthedaniel.blogspot.com
Appeared on: www.everywhereist.com

This one is a joint effort of sorts. Dan Thies for writing article, and The Everywhereist for featuring it on her blog. Thanks to both. It’s a a breath of fresh air to read the experiences of someone who doesn’t take safari too seriously – less time spent comparing binocular focal lengths with khaki clads, and more time taking obscured, and less than perfect wildlife photography. If it is any consolation Dan, I’d have said a giraffe too.


Cargo Bikes in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Author: Mikael Colville-Andersen from www.copenhagenize.com

He’s already conquered Copenhagen so www.copenhagenize.com has it’s sights set on documenting bicycle culture around the globe. In July Mikael visited Brazil and was struck by the army of cargo bikes operating a light goods delivery service…including MacDonald’s!


Tour de Fat Comes to Chicago

Author: Dottie from www.letsgorideabike.com/blog

We could all imagine our own surprise at stumbling upon an event such as this on a trip to Chicago. Your Tour de France alternative, Dottie, one of the contributors to letsgorideabike.com, visited this cheeky p*ss-take event in Chicago. she even managed to take out a few crowds from the back of a freakish sneaker bike. Nice pics too! Go on, tell us what camera you are clicking with?!


Amazing Places to Experience Around the World

Appeared on: www.thecoolhunter.co.uk

Sneakily including a blog post from June (*slap on the wrists) but it really was too good to leave out. Not sure I remember Riomaggiore being quite so colourful, but still some great photos here. A great Monday morning pick-me-up and you can send them your suggestions for part 2.


Gianni Di Gregorio’s Rome playlist

Appeared on: www.guardian.co.uk/travel/blog

We have been asking you to tell us your top travel tunes in our competition, so we loved giving the Guardian blog some quality earphone time listening to this actor/screenwriter and director’s soundtrack to Rome. For something a bit funkier, try Claudio Coccoluto’s Rome playlist instead.


10 Uncommon Travel Tips from Pooping to Unschooling

Author: Miro & Laine from www.raisingmiro.com

We loved these tips from the on-the-road mother and son travel duo. Particularly because we are often trying to convince travellers to be more open-minded about hostels – they really have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years and with private rooms on offer, they are great value for families! We hope all our parent readers will start following this blog for a taste of the nomadic lifestyle.


6 movies that made me fall in love with Europe

Author: Kashyap Bhattacharya from www.europebudgetguide.com/europebudget

All the way through this it was all “oh yes”, “oh I’d forgotten that one” and “oooh I’ll put that on the list”. Reading this made me fall in love with Florence all over again (oh, Mr Beeb and Miss Honeychurch!)

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