The Best Travel Blogs and Posts for January

Tourists are paying to kill the giraffes

– Written by Victoria Philpott

January has been a sad month in the world of travel, with the Costa Concordia Cruise liner crashing and 17 people confirmed dead. The wreckage could take up to a year to move from the Tuscan borders as the water is too dangerous. Up to 500,000 gallons of water has already been shifted for fear of it leaking into the sea.

In the rest of the world: London is bracing itself for the Olympics. Apparently Wi-Fi will be available on London’s Tube by the opening ceremony, not sure how anyone will be able to open up their laptop on the tube when the rest of the world descends on the city, but hey ho. And there are rumours of a new airport at the Thames Estuary…

In Africa, the giraffe population has nearly halved since 1988 – falling 140,000+ to less than 80,000. Tourists are to blame, paying around £2,500 to be able to hunt for the day on the reserves.

The debate about charging overweight flyers more has been stoked by Qantas economist Tony Webber. He says the obese passengers are costing the airlines more money in fuel and this deficit is being shared among all passengers when they’re the ones who should pay.

So as usual for the news, all very depressing. Let’s get on to more cheery travel related news with our…

Blogger of the month

*Zoe Dawes from The Quirky Traveller*

Travel Blogger of the monthZoe describes herself as “an award-winning travel blogger, writer, speaker, leadership coach and happy mum. Looking at life & travel from a quirky point of view”.  I really admire her outlook on life – her blog posts look at her chosen destinations with a unique eye and she seeks to unearth the world’s curiosities and fascinations with her writing. She’s based in Cumbria, England, now, but she has travelled far and wide, just check out her blog to see exactly how far!

5 reasons why we love her…

January’s best articles

THE WORLD: Check out The 12 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions in the World. This video they’ve included of the North Yungas Road in Bolivia literally makes me feel sick with nerves, and that’s only at number 11.

THAILAND: Just decided where I’ll be taking my next holiday. This photo post on The White Temple in Chiang Rai by Never Ending Voyage is incredible.

The White Temple in Thailand

WORLD: This is a cool article, the Most Vandalized Landmarks Around the World. Am I allowed to say I enjoyed the vandalism to the Hollywood sign in LA? It’s jolly good 🙂

Vandalised tree in Nevada

LONDON TO MONGOLIA: Pamela from SpunkyGirlMonologuesVisual artist Charlie,  and DJ, the writer and creator of Project Chime, are joining the Mongol Rally. It’s a 10,000 mile adventure from London, through Europe, Russia, Kazahstan and across the stark Mongolian landscape, and they’re doing it in a tiny car – all in the name of charity. They’re joining the male-dominated rally and filming their every step hoping to raise more than £75,000 for The Lotus Children’s Center Charitable Trust. HostelBookers are offering them free accommodation to support the cause, and if you’d like to help check out their website. Good luck girls!

FRANCE: Well, the answer from me is ‘no’, Have You Considered Hiking in the Suburbs of Paris? Michael Schuermann explains how it’s done and where to go on

What about us?

It’s been a dark and cheap January for some (me) – especially after my little skiing jaunt to Slovenia – but it’s time to look forward to emerging from the miserable winter hibernation and getting out to PARTY the spring and summer away!

Best blogs and posts JanuaryIf you’re not planning to go all out for Carnival Time Around the World then check out the best Student Summer Party Destinations, the Top Spring Break Destinations and The Best Dusk till Dawn Destinations for your 2012 holiday.

You might want to take notes on Hangover Cures: Is The Room Spinning before you go too – just make sure you pack that berocca…

We’ve also launched our great new photo game HostelBookers 7 Super Shots this month. All you need to do is post a photo for each category on your blog and then tag five more bloggers to join in. Have fun!

One last blog post of joy…

SWEDEN: I love this post on how you can incorporate the Swedish flag into your every day life, or at least the colours of it. I’d like to order myself one of the onesie suits please…

Best blog posts in January

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