Best Travel Blogs and Posts in August

Best blogs and posts in August

So that was it. That was August. Whether you’re going back to school, back to work or preparing for the summer to set in – lucky old Oz – what stays the same is the quality of our favourite travel bloggers’ work…

Blogger of the month

*Chris from*

Best blogs in August Chris is currently in Thailand, but has been globetrotting for years. His mission is to bring ‘advice, inspiration and chaos’ to us readers. He’s 25, loves surfing and is a brilliant photographer. He’s been around and keeps us entertained in the office with his quirky blog posts, dream lifestyle and great attitude.

5 reasons why we love Chris…

 August’s best articles

TURKEY: There is something in A Spotters Guide to a Turkish Waterpark that will disturb you, immensely.  I’m not going to post it here you’ll just have to click through. The article is pretty funny too – I want to play!

WORLD: Erica and Shaun from OverYonderlust love their tattoos, we all know that, but in A Travelling Tattoo Artist? The Way to Go! We meet the man behind the skill Zach Nelligan and her about his fascinating job. Nice little intro about how tattoo artists travel the world too. Get behind me if you want to get inked – I’ll probably bail at the final hurdle so don’t worry, I won’t be long.

ENGLAND: Vicky from wrote Chocolate and bicycles: I wish you could bottle Britain’s Olympic fever on the general feeling in London during the Olympics. Love the Jessica Ennis Road pic!

Best blog posts in August

JORDAN: Angie from’s account of trekking up the ruins of Petra on a mule is brilliant, and terrifying. Not sure I would’ve coped well either. Check out Petra by Mule, or That Time I Shrieked for 6 Hours.

Travel blogs in August

CAMBODIA: Super handy Cambodia Travel Tips and Advice is exactly what it is. Simon from reveals his carefully gained insider knowledge from checking your bill to how long you need at Angkor Wat. A must read if you’re visiting any time soon!

What about us?

We got a bit of hate on our Facebook page for our guest post 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Spot an American Tourist. And for that we’re sorry, but it was meant to be funny. On a cheerier note, I checked out the top 10 cheap things to do in Stockholm and the coolest Stockholm accommodation too.

tatttooo e1342174408856 25 of the Worst Travel Tattoos Ever: Think Before You Ink!

We’ve also found the coolest travel nail art, the best London bars and the worst travel tattoos too. Before you go make sure to check out our 99%+ hostels and hotels – they’re the cream of the crop and they rise to the top.

Thanks to all the bloggers and Scott Teresi for the images. Great work! 

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