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Compiled by Isabel Clift

Sorted your Halloween outfit? Wore a winter coat (northern hemisphere) or flip flops (southern hemisphere… jealous) for the first time in ages? It must be October, then. As ever it’s been a busy old month in travel blogging, read on for our blogger of the month and a round-up of our favourite new posts…

Blogger of the month

Anywhere but HomeNaomi from Anywhere but Home.

Naomi’s been travelling since 2010 and has been recording it all in her thoughtful and witty blog, Anywhere but Home. She’s a fab photographer and has been to such jealousy-inducing spots as the Mongolian steppe, Istanbul, Borneo and currently Tbilisi; oh how I envy her. Hurray for Naomi.

Five reasons we love her…

1. She’s made Tbilisi, Georgia rocket to the top of my travel wishlist with just one post: What’s up with Tbilisi, Georgia? LOVE IS.

2. Her backpack is the best: My new favourite travel accessory…introducing Ethnotek!

3. She seriously knows how to slash and burn a packing list: Is that it?!: A RTW ultralight packing list for women

4. She’s honest: Life at the #BlogHouse: serious intimidation in Besalu, Spain

5. And she’s got that knack for telling out-of-the-ordinary travel stories. See: A wander in the bamboo forest: the Damyang Bamboo Festival, The one place you should never go: Olkhon Island, Russia and Learning to love the mall in Manila

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October’s best articles

WORLD: Nomadic Matt’s Cheap Places to Travel on the US Dollar is instantly bookmarkable if you’ve got big travel dreams but zero dollah. See how far that (fairly shocking) grocery bill money will stretch elsewhere.

TURKEY: I want to gobble up the photographs in What’s Dave Doing’s Cotton candy and bikinis? Welcome to Pamukkale. Is that weird? I don’t care.

Photo: Dave Dean,

CHINA: The Quirky Traveller discovered China’s version of the Las Vegas strip in Visit quirky ‘Window of the World’ in Shenzhen, China. Spoiler: it’s much greener.

SPAIN: Matt from Land Lopers showed me How to get Fat in Spain (via the medium of delicious photographs). Oh I know, Matt, I know.

Spanish food
Photo: Matt Long,

WORLD: …And Ben from Vagabondish helpfully explained how to get drunk on various island paradises with Island Hopping for the Beer Lover: 8 Breweries Worth the Swim. Can do!

NETHERLANDS: And finally: Turner from 80worldjobsAmerican vs European Theme Parks: A Day in Efteling – basically about spraying German kids with beer and taking photos of amusing bins in the Netherlands’ answer to Disneyland – made me LOL unashamedly in a quiet office, and it’ll do the same to you.

What about us?

This month we interviewed Wandering Earl, who’s been travelling the world since 1999, and put the callout for voting for our first ever travel blogger awards on November 7th.

We got all wintery chatting about a Gig at an Arctic Communist Ghost Town, Svalbard  and showing you How to Have a Cheap Ski Holiday in Bansko, Bulgaria

Photo: Flora Yin Wong

Plus, we celebrated Halloween by finding out the 3 Creepiest Sights in Europe – do you agree? The Facebook thread told us a few more to add in.

One last blog post of joy

I sympathise profusely with Geraldine from the Everywhereist and her WTF Weds: European showers, revisited.

Everywhereist European Showers

She’s cracked on to something bigger here: a conspiracy of shower designers, hell-bent on making you stand naked in an unfamiliar cubical for five minutes, fiddling with inexplicable knobs and levers, praying the next one doesn’t release a jet of ice-water directly down your back. So glad to know it isn’t just me this happens to all the freakin’ time.

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