15 Things You Should Never Say to a Backpacker

15 things to never say to a backpacker

There are a few things you should never say to a backpacker. It’s unanimous that the most annoying thing possible is to ask: “What are you going to do when you’re done travelling?” but there are plenty more backpacker rants you need to get off your chest. We got 15, our Facebook fans gave us another 7, now it’s your turn, what’s the most annoying thing to hear when you’re backpacking?

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The original list…

  1. You’re such a tourist
  2. Can you get these; I’ll give you the money back at the hostel.
  3. No Wi-Fi here mate, sorry.
  4. Only travelling for six months? That’s not backpacking, that’s a holiday!
  5. Cheapest meal? Moules et Frites start at €20.
  6. We only do package holidays here – you don’t even have to go out the resort for a good time!
  7. That’s €5 for the air conditioning, €10 for towels and €15 for bed linen then. Thank you.
  8. The signs clearly state you can’t sit in this section. It’s a €50 on the spot fine.
  9. Wow, you got ripped off! My ticket was half that!
  10. Errr, how important was that memory card?
  11. No, I haven’t got your passport, I thought you had it.
  12. Hey look, that guy running off the train has the same rucksack as you.
  13. What are you going to do when you stop travelling?
  14. You only own 5 Lonely Planet guides? I must have at least 20? 30? I lose count.
  15. Oh is that your toothbrush? They just look so alike!


After asking our friends on Facebook, we’re adding the following…

16. “Will you get me a souvenir?” – from Haqiqi Jamaludin

17. “There’s a curfew here, you can’t go out after 12 pm.” – from María Rotaeche

18. “Welcome to Thailand. You’re in room 203. Next to Gary Glitter.” – from Will Peach

19. “Have you seen the movie Hostel?” – from Dylan Klee

20.  ‎”Are you sure that you made a reservation?” – from João Gaspar

21.  “Are you sure you left your backpack in our luggage room?” – from João Gaspar

22. “Have you seen the movie Taken?” – from Brooke Allen-Rhodes

Come on, let’s hit 50.

Thanks to Jim from backpackersplace.com the top image from his excellent website. 

What burns your eardrums to hear when you’re backpacking?

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