The Brain of a Backpacker


The brain of a backpacker is a beautiful thing. Mostly filled with travel tips, bucket lists and general savviness, there are a few special lobes and glands as well, as our diagram below shows.

Brain of a Backpacker

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The brain can only hold so much information so we couldn’t include all the awesome qualities of a backpacker in our image, but check out the list below for further insight into a traveller’s brain.

The original list

1. Fun
2. Destinations wish list: Growing
3. Infatuation lobe: Working over-time
4. Photo-taking Trigger
5. Free Wi-Fi locator: Sensitive
6. Tolerance gland: Enlarged
7. Currency converter: Lightning-fast
8. Bafflement at anyone working 9-5
9. Bullshit detector: Well-used
10. Constant readiness to jump out of planes
11. Eye-roll activator at hostel guitar-strummers
12. Homesickness

Other brain parts

13. Fear-o-meter: Non existent
14. Time tracker: Fading
15. One-upping gland
16. Shyness cortex: Shrinking
17. Finding yourself
18. Cheap booze radar

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comment section below!

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