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Victoria Philpott

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Hey everyone, I’ve been travelling for a few years now to America, Africa, across Australia and through Europe. I’ve worked on this here blog for a year or so now so I hope you’ve been enjoying my writing so far. Let me know either way on Twitter @VickyFlipFlop. Here’s a little interview I did with myself…

Favourite photo of me?

The photo above is from my first solo trip to Australia. I went to Steve Irwin’s Zoo about two days after he’d died it was really sad, but interesting to be in the country when such a big thing had happened. Everyone at the zoo was really upset and the amount of wreaths and shirts and stuffed crocodiles left at the gates for him was incredible. I’d met up with an Australian friend in Brisbane and we went to the zoo together. My mum loves this picture.

And this is my second favourite, from the first time I ever went scuba diving…

Scuba diving in Mexico

Favourite city?

It’s got to be New York City. I’ve been a few times because I worked at camp in New York for two years and it’s incredible. The atmosphere on the streets and growing up seeing it in films and Sex and the City – it was amazing to see it in real life. And yes, I went on the Sex and the City tour, it was brill.

Best travel time?

I travelled through 10 countries and 38 cities in Europe for four months with my boyfriend – every day was amazing and we saw and experienced so much together. I definitely recommend travelling in a couple – you really get to know each other!

Best hostel experience?

The first stop on our European Tour was Barcelona. We stayed at Feetup Hostels – Mellow Eco Hostel Barcelona – we met some wicked people and ended up having a few drinks in the hostel before going out on a big night out in Barcelona. Which ended up very messy. It was a great start to our big trip.

Top tip for travelling?

Stay in hostels and don’t be afraid to stay on the outskirts of town. This means you have to travel in and you get to experience so much more of the city than just the main strip. It can also save you a lot of money and the hostels can be bigger too.

Favourite bloggers?

I know they’re biggies, but is brilliant. Caz and Craig seem like such kind and fun people and they’re really supportive of new bloggers and give loads of tips and advice. They work really hard to stay on the road with their two little girls and their writing is interesting and informative too.

I’m also reading newbie travel blogger Backpacker Becki’s blog lately too. She’s so passionate about volunteering and using her life to help others it’s inspiring. She’s also set on having a good time – her blog posts are entertaining and definitely a tad controversial! She’s off travelling for good in July so catch her at the start of her trip now.

Dream trip?

Bolivia – Peru – Colombia – Panama – Costa Rica – Guatemala – San Francisco – New York

It will be done, you’ll see…

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