#TTOT what?!

So, we always go on about how the best way to plan your holidays is to talk. Talk talk talk, share experiences, ask other people for their advice, find out who has done it before and what their dos and don’ts would be.

Therefore, we are thrilled to be co-hosting the fabulous Twitter chat group, Travel Talk on Twitter (#TTOT).

The talk was started by Melvin from @traveldudes to get the twitterati talking about their travel experiences. HostelBookers are co-hosting the chat along with 25 other travel obsessives and authorities who meet up every week to answer your questions.


If you’re looking for travel advice or think you could offer useful tips on travel, #TTOT is the place for you.

  1. Sign up to Twitter and follow @hostelbookers and the other co-hosts.
  2. Click here to check out what people are saying about #TTOT now.
  3. Before each week’s travel talk submit your questions on the week’s chosen theme to the #TTOT Facebook page.
  4. 5 questions will be chosen for the #TTOT.
  5. On the Tuesday, make sure you’re following #TTOT. You’ll see the co-hosts ask the questions via tweets at 10-minute intervals.
  6. All participants answer with useful/silly/funny/clever responses and retweet and talk to each other. Remember to hashtag all #TTOT-related posts with #TTOT.
  7. 1 hour later and it’s all over. You’ll be exhausted – it’s a fast pace, but very funny. Especially the week when ‘romance’ was the theme.

Industry experts, as well as anyone with knowledge on any of the subjects, can share their experiences and offer travel advice to help out their fellow globetrotters, backpackers and jet setters. It’s a chance for us travel-obsessives to meet up and have a laugh about our passion.

Read more about the history of #TTOT.

How can I get involved in #TTOT?

The next topic, on the 7 May, is ‘epic journeys. If you have a question on the subject then submit it here #TTOT Facebook page.

Then just make sure you’re online at 9.30am or 9.30pm GMT on a Tuesday and join in when you can. Search for #TTOT and remember to follow all of the co-hosting team to see the questions. See you there…


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