What is Tripl?

They say the best ideas are developed through an inventor’s real world need. Well, ask yourself this: Have you ever travelled to a destination and thought to yourself “I wish I knew someone here”? Peter Sullivan, the Tripl.com co-founder, certainly has…

What is Tripl?

Tripl is a social media travel service. Forget ‘must see’ sights and lists of attractions. Instead, Tripl suggests ‘must meet’ locals for your trip.

How does it work?

Tripl will have a good old rummage around your social network on Facbook and Linkedin.

  1. First it gives your friends and friends of friends the once-over.
  2. Next it looks at your interests and demographics (such as age and language).
  3. Lastly, it checks out your ‘home’ location and what places you plan to visit.
  4. Using various algorithms it then hooks you up with travellers or locals with similar interests who are also en route or at your destination.

You can set up a profile with your home location, interests and any trips you have planned. When you access your account you can see recommendations from Tripl based on shared interests or if you have shared friends. Simply click the ‘meet me’ button on their profile button to send a request. You can also check out their Facebook or Linkedin profile.

Find out what other travellers or locals are saying about your trip destination, check out recent activity and respond to their comments.

How is it different from other travel tools on the web?

Have you ever had that feeling of walking through the door of a hostel for the first time, and sensing that everyone already knows each other? Well, wouldn’t it be better if people were waiting for YOUR arrival to crack open a beer, or get out and about exploring the town with?

What about walking in to a small bar where you can’t speak the lingo. But low and behold, a local is waiting to order you the local special. This local isn’t just a stranger that you have met online. They are someone introduced to you by a good friend at home.

This is the gap Tripl is looking to fill within the travel industry.

What’s in it for me?

  • Discover hidden gems and get local know-how about your destination
  • An immediate social group or point of contact
  • Make friends around the world
  • Gain reputation points and, maybe in the future, get access to discounts and collect loyalty points from leading travel providers.

Is my information safe?

Tripl promises that your personal information is never sold or transferred to third parties. They use information that you have provided through Facebook Connect to help you socialise and meet travellers on upcoming trips.

Tell me a bit about the creators of Tripl

I, Peter Sullivan, became very intrigued by the human interaction element of travel during my trips to more than 25 countries and countless numbers of hostel stays. I’d be lying if I said most of my travels haven’t been on a tight budget, but for me the real advantage of staying at a hostel is all about the social experience.

Looking back at my trips, it’s not the monuments or the gelato that I really remember; it’s actually the people that I encountered which have stayed in my memory. Interacting with like-minded people from around the world has truly opened my mind and let me learn about cultures I never would have crossed otherwise.

Facebook and the internet has done an amazing job of being able to hold onto these relationships after creating them, but I always wished there was a service that could help stimulate new interactions before and during my travels. Tripl wants to be that spark.

Any plans for the future?

We are currently working with a number of brands to ensure that users who create powerful recommendations, introductions, and interact with travellers visiting their own city are also rewarded with discounts for when they do have the time to travel.

Come and explore what Tripl can do to make your next travel experience more sociable! Any questions? Learn more about Tripl.com.

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