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– Written by Victoria Philpott

It’s been a funny old October in travel what with Qantas grounding their flights, Formula One tycoon Michiel Mol boasting his space travel technology will have us flying from London to Sydney in less than two hours, and this week’s maiden voyage of the Dreamliner 787. It’s the first plane ever to be built from plastic and uses 20 per cent less fuel and has 30 per cent lower maintenance costs than other planes. Yours for a mere $76m each.

As for selecting our favourite travel bloggers, we’ve had a pretty funny old month too. Which brings me on to…

Blogger of the month

*Candice Walsh from*

Candice has a really unique and funny voice behind the writing. She doesn’t patronise us and stays honest in her reviews, descriptions and in how much fun she’s really having scrimping and saving and working hard to keep up with her travel wishlist.

She’s originally from St. John’s, Newfoundland, in Canada and her blog has been going for a few years now; documenting trips to Machu Piccu, Isla Mujeras and Amsterdam among much appreciation for her home country.

5 reasons why we love her…

  1. She’s funny… Things That Tasted Good in South America
  2. Her photo posts are well worth an ogle… Could I Live Rural? A Visit to Twillingate
  3. She does cool stuff… Whitewater Rafting on the Kicking Horse River, BC
  4. She’s honest and not afraid to get personal… About How I Started Doing Crap That Scares Me
  5. And, of course, her posts are useful and informative… How to Survive a 21-hour Train Journey

October’s best articles

THAILAND: I can’t help but be affected by the images of the floods in Thailand and has some of the most harrowing. The monsoon rains have been the worst natural disaster to hit the country in 50 years and left more than 350 people dead and thousands homeless and unemployed. Prisons have been evacuated, including the notorious ‘Bangkok Hilton’, and an estimated 100 crocodiles have escaped from farms and wildlife centres.

NETHERLANDS/BELGIUM: Did you know that there are actually bars and restaurants on the Dutch-Belgian border that cover both countries? In It’s Complicated: 5 Puzzling International BordersHayley Sweetland Edwards reveals how at one time each country had different closing time laws for restaurants so patrons on the Dutch side would have to go and sit on the Belgian side at the Dutch closing time. Check out the photo below, it’s madness! And there’s a fascinating fact about The Diomede Islands that she explains better than I ever could…

“The space between these two islands marks not only an international border, but the International Date Line as well, making it possible for the folks on Little Diomede to wake up on a Sunday, pour themselves a cup of coffee, and peer across the water to Big Diomede, where it’s already Monday.” 

EDUCATION: At HostelBookers we’ve been a fan of Nomadic Matt for a long time, but there was a guest post on his site from that really caught my eye this month; How to Represent Travel on Your Resume. It’s original and comprehensive and made us like Mat just that little bit more. The best tip? “Don’t hide your travel when searching for a job; embrace it!”

More good reads…

Anyone heading out to Koh Phangan for Christmas and New Year will enjoy Chris from Backpacker Banter’s Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Full Moon Party. Let’s hope the floods clear in time for the biggest Full Moon parties of the year.

My favourite tip, which could actually be very useful for me on an average Saturday night, is to strap anything you don’t want to lose to yourself with a bit of lanyard. The revelation that the guys doing the fire shows are in business with the local doctor’s surgeries was a shock. Apparently they’re taking a cut of the money the tourists pay for stitches at 400 Baht each. You be careful!

What about us?

As for us it’s been food, food, food!  If you’re a blogger and haven’t entered a recipe into our Backpackers Recipe Guide yet, I give you permission to leave this post now to see what it’s all about. You’ll be pleased to know we’ve extended the deadline, so click here for inspiration and get cooking. If you’ve already entered then check out the most Exciting Food Markets Around the Globe to plan your next meal.

I’m dreaming of far off sunny lands here in the London office, please will someone pay for my flight to enjoy the Top 10 Fun Events in Australia?

These 16 Stunning Film Locations look pretty cool too if you want to feel like a film star on your holidays.

One last blog post of joy

I might be dreaming of sunnier climes, but if you’re one of those snow bunnies you’ll love this post on 10 Nature & Wildlife Adventure Trips in Canada from Leigh McAdam proves there’s a lot more to the country than just polar bears and skiing. She recommends snakes, caribous and Beluga whales for starters, and check out the great picture of the grizzly bear chilling in the sun!

Thanks to Giorgio Montersino for the excellent image from Please note, all images were suitable for use at the time of publication according to the Creative Commons License.

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