The Best Travel Blogs and Posts in November…

– Written by Victoria Philpott

Blogs about travel are a great source of inspiration for planning your holiday. The best ones are filled with travel stories and photos, usually enough to make you want to pack up your life into a suitcase and pawn your grandma’s gold for your plane ticket.

This month new research by the Post Office reveals that electronic goods, beauty products and fashion accessories can be up to 62% cheaper in New York and Boston than in London. Someone buy me a ticket please? Still in the US is this cautionary little tale: a flight captain locked himself in the bathroom between North Carolina and New York and sparked a terrorist alert – he managed to get out just in time to land the plane.

*Potential cheaper travel alert* The CEOs of Ryanair, British Airways, EasyJet and Virgin have signed an open letter to the government to axe the Air Passenger Duty Tax. Anyone on a flight leaving the UK has to pay anything up to €200 on top of the fare – this is the highest tax in the world. Obviously, we are well behind this!

We’re also definitely behind November’s…

Blogger of the month

*Dylan Lowe from*

Dylan is one helluva hard-working travel blogger, with 4000+ tweets at his fingertips and a brilliant site that’s so often updated I just don’t know where he’s found the time for his new project @studentravelog.

Dylan writes expressively and his website is divided up well so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, as well as stumbling across some great posts along the way.

After being ‘wrenched’ out of his home in Hong Kong to move to Scarborough in Yorkshire, England, at 14, Dylan wasn’t a fan of travelling. And then when his parents moved to New Zealand a few years later he resented it even more – it’s a good job a backpacking trip around his new country of residence ignited his travelling spirit, that’s all I can say.

5 reasons why we love him…

  1. He’s a fearless adventurer… My best encounters hitchhiking
  2. He’s not afraid to be a bit of a nerd… Reviving the dinosaurian dream
  3. His cautionary tales can help you out in life… Curse of the shin scar
  4. His great ‘Photogenic You’ series… Photogenic you: Galway, Ireland
  5. He says what he really thinks… Screw you Ryanair

November’s best articles

COSTA RICA: Ever wondered how the top chocolate is produced? Erica from overyonderlust takes us through the process with some incredible pictures to boot.

USA: Check out this vid from Brian DeFrees. He drove 12,255 miles across the USA and set up an intervalometer to take pictures every five seconds. He used a Canon 60D digital camera and attached to the windshield of his 2009 Honda Civic Si. This video is the amalgamation of the 200,000+ photos he had when he got home.

He crossed 32 states in 55 days. Wow.

ZURICH: I just love the layout and design of, anything they do looks cool. This month my favourite article is Top 10 Things to do in Zurich on a Backpackers Budget. A notoriously expensive destination they’ve looked deep into the city to find out the best of the budget – just make sure you pack your walking shoes.

DRIVING: If you’ve ever wondered about driving in a foreign country and whether your driving licence actually even allows you too, check out this infographic from I’ve learnt that a UK driving licence is valid in Turkey for 90 days – how odd.

A driver in foreign lands infographic

What about us?

We’ve been getting excited about New Year’s Eve here in the Hostelbookers office. I’m going to Brighton for NYE, but a New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam would definitely be my top choice if I wasn’t. Speaking of Amsterdam, from 2013 tourists are banned from ‘special’ orders in the coffee shops, just so you know… Barcelona, London and Sydney are also looking like top options for New Year, let us know where you’re going in the comments box below.

We’re also gearing up for some Yuletide fun with some present ideas, tips on shopping in NYC and the craziest Christmas markets in Germany. Oh, and have you seen our Christmas giveaway? You could win an iPad2!

Aw, and who’s watching Frozen Planet? You have to check out our blog post on where to see the penguins

One last blog post of joy

If you like cute pictures of animals you’ll love this post by Brendan van Son on The Galapagos Islands: a Preview has incredible photos of sea lions, iguanas, lizards, giant tortoises and birds. Brendan’s also captured the water and landscape beautifully too. He promises there are lots more blog posts on the Galapagos Islands to come, so make sure you catch up with him on Twitter.

Thanks to mikecogh for the excellent image from Please note, all images were suitable for use at the time of publication according to the Creative Commons License.

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