The Best Blogs and Posts in December & 2012

Best Travel Blogs December

As a Christmas treat for you, we’re bringing our ‘best blogs and posts’ forward in the month and celebrating a whole year of travel blogging.

Onwards to blogger of the month and the best posts from the blogosphere in 2012…

Blogger of the month

Neil BarnesNeil Barnes from Backpacks and Bunks

Neil first discovered travel after he spent time teaching sports in South Africa after university. Since then he’s travelled to Thailand, Australia, NZ, Fiji Ireland, Grenada and Poland. His site is stuffed with helpful tips for travellers, cool trip reports and stories about the ‘real’ side of travel blogging.

Five reasons why we love Neil:

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Best Travel Blog Posts of 2012

Showcasing travel bloggers’ personal favourite posts from their blogs in 2012. A nice round-off to an epic year in travel blogging, wouldn’t you say?

Travel tips

10 Essential Arabic Phrases To Transform Your Trip
Jaillan Yehia of Savoir There

Practical Tips from 4 Years of Traveling The World
Jodi Ettenberg, Legal Nomads

City perspectives

What’s up with Tbilisi, Georgia? LOVE IS.
Naomi Alyssa, Anywhere but Home

Bologna – Street Art
Bianca Bauza, Nomad Biba

Bologna street art

Bologna street art – Nomad Biba

Experiencing Cool Berlin
Emma Gray, Emma’s Travel Tales

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Sarajevo on Your Next Trip to Europe
Larissa, The Blonde Gypsy

Things to see and do in Zadar
Neil Barnes, Backpacks and Bunkbeds

Cool experiences

How To Become a Mr. Bollywood Superfan in 24 Hours (Part 1)
Flora Baker, Flora the Explorer

Facing my Fears – Hot Air Ballooning in Costa Brava, Spain
Cole Burmester, Four Jandals


Coachella – The Blonde Abroad

The 10 Commandments of Coachella
Kiersten Rich of The Blonde Aboard

The Secret Wall of China
Theresa Keane of Independent Travel Help

One Year on the Road
Melissa and Neil Ruttanai, World Winder

Deep thoughts

Letter to my Passport
Toni White of Reclaiming my Future

The Object of my Quirky Travels
Zoe Dawes, Quirky Traveller

Greece - The Quirky Traveller

Greece – The Quirky Traveller

No Photos Allowed! Attack of the Pointless Objector
Peter Parkorr, Travel Unmasked

Should We Talk About Sex? The Travel Blogging Perspective…
Lindsey Hogg, Travel Sex Life

Why I’m Kicking My Bucketlist
Lizzie Davey, Wanderful World

How Travel Beats the Media Fear Machine
Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, Uncornered Market

This amazing world

Antarctica in Photos: Icebergs, Glaciers and Penguins
Nellie Huang of Wild Junket

Into the Unknown: The Bolivian Amazon
Erica and Shaun Kuschel, Over Yonderlust

Bolivian Amazon

Bolivian Amazon – Over Yonderlust

Everest Base Camp Trek – Facing the Challenge and Being on Top of the World
Rebecca Enright, Backpacker Becki

A perfect day at Perito Moreno glacier
Alexandra Kovacova, Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Funny as hell

Celeb Spot: the Lion King Cast in the Serengeti
Victoria Philpott, Vicky Flip Flop Travels

I am the Krampus
Turner Barr, Around the World in 80 Jobs

The Krampus

Biggest Travel Blog in the World
Will Peach, Will Peach

5 Reasons London Hates Me
Emma Sparks, Sparky Sees the World

And… WTF?

Alone and Naked in Lisbon
Will Peach, My Spanish Adventure

Will Peach

Will Peach. You’re welcome.

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