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Don't poach rhino in Africa

– Written by Victoria Philpott

Sad news this month as it’s predicted that if poachers carry on as they are, there’ll be no wild rhino left in Africa by 2025. Leading conservationists, wildlife experts and err, Prince William, are all getting on board to tackle the problem. Rhino tusks can be worth more than gold which has meant more than 900 rhinos have been poached across Africa and more than 278 elephants. Tourists can help by refusing to buy anything containing ivory, ever.

The perfect seat on the plane In other travel news, Skyscanner’s ‘Perfect Seat’ survey found that most passengers prefer a window seat at the front of the plane. The most sought after seat on a plane is apparently seat 6A and the least popular is 31E as most of those surveyed prefer to sit in an even-numbered seat.

What do you think?

And finally, the tiny village of Juzcar in Andalucía, Spain, (population 200) has had more than 125,000 visitors this year. Every single building in Juzcar was painted blue for the Smurfs film last year, even the church. Local businesses are thriving and cashing in on the Smurf obsession – and although the locals can go back to white, the excessive tourists mean they’re staying blu da ba de for now.

Tourists flock to Juzcar for the blue town!

Blogger of the Month

Best travel blogger for AprilSamuel Jeffery from NomadicSamuel, what a guy! He’s been travelling for six years and has seen and written about a lot of cool stuff in that time. His blog is filled with travelling entertainment any newb could only drool at – from photo essays, to video blogs to quirky travel tales, I want to be Nomadic Samuel.

Obviously something to be proud of his list of animals ridden includes: Camel, Horse, Donkey, Elephant and Ostrich.

5 reasons why we love him…

  1. He’s been around… Photo Blog
  2. He’s courted some great guest posts… Drug Bras
  3. We get to learn with him… Thai One on – My experience learning to make Thai food
  4. He’s got some cool pics!… Funny, Crazy, Outrageous Travel Photos
  5. He’s got some great tips for improving your blog… How to Improve Your Travel Blog & Get on the Top 100

April’s best articles

THAILAND: April in Thailand means one thing – Songkran! Check out these cool pictures of Songkran 2012 from Malaysia Asia. Personal favourite…

Water Festival in Thailand

WORLD: Love this article Can Travel Make The World a Better Place? by Todd Wasselfrom He touches on some really interesting sociological ways of looking at travel and how we can really help each other out and distribute the riches across the world.

TURKEY: This month we’re sponsoring Australians Justin Morris from and Chris Richardson from on their pilgrimage to ANZAC Day in Gallipoli. It’s a big deal for Aussies and Kiwis – ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps – on the 25 April 1915 The Battle of Gallipoli between the Turks and the ANZACs took place. Lots of lives were sadly lost, and to commemorate 25 April is a national holiday in Oz and NZ and rememberance services take place every year. To go to ANZAC day in Gallipoli is a dream for many and Chris and Justin have gone for it. Check out Justin’s post on ANZAC Day and Chris’s too.

Gallipoli in Turkey

WORLD: This is something I’m fascinated by, Dark Tourism. Why are exhibitions, films, songs about the Titanic still popular 100 years on? Why did everyone want to go and look at the Concordia ship after it crashed? And why do people go to Auschwitz voluntarily? The talks about how the New Institute for Dark Tourism Research seeks to find out.

AMSTERDAM: I’m going at the end of the month and this article on Sex and Drugs in Amsterdam by Monica Stott from fascinated me. She covers what it’s like for the prostitutes working the windows and how much they can earn, as well as the laws behind the crazy offerings of the ‘coffee shops’.

Travel blog post on Amsterdam

What about us?

Here in London we’re getting excited for the Jubilee, the Olympics and all the London festivals. Anyone coming to visit the Big Smoke should know there are plenty of day trips from London to take while you’re here, and by plenty, I mean here’s some more.

We’ve also started a series on travelling when you’re 50+. We’ve teamed up with 6 of the best bloggers over 50 and found out why you should travel now, how to tell the kids you’re off and how they can afford to travel. Come to the blog every Wednesday to see what they say.

Journeywoman e1334319003541 50+ Travel: The Best Baby Boomer Travel Bloggers to Follow

And summer holiday season is starting! Whether you’re off to the Ibiza clubs for the opening parties, Lanzarote for the sun or Lagos for the beautiful beaches, we’ve got some great tips to help you get the most from your hols.

And remember it’s our 8th Birthday. You could win travel to 8 cities and £2000 spending money for you and your mate, so enter now!

One last blog post before you go…

WORLD: A horrifyingly real problem has been attempted to be resolved by sex robots. Sex Robots Will Revolutionise Sex Tourism is a fascinating article, if not a little weird and unbelievable at the same time.

Thanks to bobosh_t for the excellent images from Flickr. Please note, all images were used under the Creative Commons License at the time of posting. 

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