Travel Bloggers of the Month: September “Back to Business” Edition


By Manita Dosanjh

And just like that, we’re back to reality. September has seen the blogosphere bidding farewell to summer beach fun and getting back to some serious cultural reflections. From public sex in Munich to baby showers in Mexico, getting to know the locals and steering clear of tourists has been the focus of blogger philosophy. Read on to discover our blogger of the month, how to make KFC a cultural experience and the exciting new things you can find here at HostelBookers…

Blogger of the monthSebastian Off The Path

Sebastian of Off The Path.

Sebastian is a rare breed of traveller and all-round international citizen. He has been on the move for 6 years without stopping, and prefers the integration of expat life to backpacking.  This makes his blog indispensable to solo travellers – his tips section is an amazing resource for solo travel. We also can’t get enough of his food photography

Five reasons we love him..

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The best travel blog posts in September

WORLD: Beat the Brochure has discovered that if you want to meet locals KFC Might Be Your Best Best

MEXICO: Chicky Bus finds herself Blindfolded and Force-fed Baby Food in Mexico!

Chicky Bus

GERMANY: Caroline in the City dishes the dirt in The Single Girl’s Guide to Oktoberfest

SE ASIA: The Solitary Wanderer reveals the dark side of Ho Chi Minh City in How My Favourite Country Betrayed Me

SE ASIA: Man vs Clock confesses to infidelity and scandal in Is Having a Favourite Country Actually a BAD Thing?

Man vs Clock Japan

WORLD: Katie Aune invites us to count our blessings in Realizing How Lucky I Am

What about us?

Do you ever wish you could share your USA experience with more people? With our new kickass United Sharing Adventure map, you can! Upload your tips and photos here.


In the spirit of all things stateside, we revealed some little known secrets in What you Didn’t Know About America’s Top Tourist Attractions.

The changing seasons was the perfect opportunity for us to dig up our article on 4 Favourite Fall Foliage Destinations, and we revealed the travel geeks that we really are in 18 Signs that You’re a Travel Snob.

Hostelling International’s Netanya filled us in on how to make the most of your travel budget in the US and Sarah Hazelwood from Phones4U shared her tips on How to Take a Stunning Smartphone Pic. Awesome.

One last blog post of joy

Getting to Work at Tiger Temple by Turner.


Turner’s inspiring story takes an adorable detour with some very cut tiger cubs in Thailand. Warning: If you’re prone to the travel bug, Around the World in 80 Jobs is an amazing adventure that will definitely give you itchy feet again…

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