Travel Bloggers of the Month: May “Lesson Learned” Edition

Blogger of the Month May

By Isabel Clift

May – also known as ‘countdown to proper summer’ month. Luckily the blogging world has been feeding our appetite for strapping on our backpacks, getting outdoors and seeing the world. Here are the best of the bunch in the last four weeks, including not one but two super-inspirational posts on lessons you learn from travel…

Blogger of the month

Waegook TomTom Stockwell from Waegook Tom

Waegook (it means ‘foreign’ in Korean) Tom’s lived and worked in South Korea as an English teacher since June 2009. He recently set off on a round-the-world trip with the aim of travelling to every inhabited continent by the time he’s 30. Things we love about Tom:

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The best travel blog posts in May

Runaway Jane makes us immediately want to pack a bag with her 10 Cheapest Countries in the World (for Hostel Prices)

Man Versus World gives us a lesson in How to Haggle

How to Haggle

A Little Adrift gets personal in Why I Decided to travel the World

The Planet D call out Arrogant Travel Snobs

Does nationality matter?

c. The Globetrotter Girls

The Globetrotter Girls question everything with What I Wonder When I Wonder: Does Nationality Really Matter?

What about us?

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with the 10 Best Things to Come Out of Mexico  and watched The Great Gatsby, which prompted us to find our favourite Art Deco Wonders Around the World.


c. Ed Graham

Blogger Neil reported back from his trip on How to See the Best of Laos & Cambodia in 3 Weeks (read it for some top office escape tips) and Ed gave us a (firm but fair) lesson with Five Terrible Tourist Photos and How You Can do Better.

One last blog post(s) of joy

You gotta make rules to break ‘em. This month’s “One last…” is actually two posts from different bloggers on the same theme. Young Adventuress and Vagabondish’s Vanessa Runs both spill on the weird, surprising and powerful life lessons you learn from travel. Love it!

Young Adventuress

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