Travel Bloggers of the Month: June “Blogger Battle” Edition

Travel Blog of the Month June 2013

By Isabel Clift

Welcome to our June travel blog roundup – loads has been going on in the community this month, and yet again you’ve set the bar high with a line-up of incredible posts showing off places I want to visit ASAP. Let’s hop to it…

Blogger of the month (again!)Turner Barr

Turner Barr of Around the World in 80 Jobs

So normally right now we’d introduce a new blogger, tell you some cool facts about them and link to five posts that make us love them. But this month we’re doing things a little differently: in June, Turner got caught up in an intellectual property battle with a big corporation. We’re making him blogger of the month as kudos for handling a precarious situation with positivity. Here’s how it played out…

The result: David and Goliath shake hands, competition winners get to try out cool jobs around the world and a Thai Elephant charity gets a $50k boost. I do like a happy ending.

Subscribe to Turner’s email and Youtube; follow @80worldjobs on Twitter or on Facebook. Or donate to his project on Indiegogo.

The best travel blog posts in May

Sri Lanka: Shivya from The Shooting Star gives me a list of reasons to visit Sri Lanka immediately with photo-essay Sri Lanka: First Impressions.

Sri Lanka veggie food

Sri Lanka veggie food by Shivya from The Shooting Star

Dubai, UAE: Sebastian from Off the Path shows us what to do in Dubai: The fascination of superlatives

Copenhagen, Denmark: Sherry from Ottsworld hunts down Copenhagen Attractions on a Budget – I knew they were out there!

Montevideo, Uruguay: Steve of captures colour and vibrancy in 25 photos picturing Montevideo as the perfect Buenos Aires getaway

Russia: Ed from the Polar Route feeds my eyes with his New Destination Gallery: RUSSIA – so many amazing and unusual images of Russia, I can’t take it.

Boracay, Philippines: Melissa To and Fro scouts out a new backpacker party island Social Boracay on a Budget – F-U-N!


Boracay by Melissa Medeiros

Iceland: Frankie Bird of As the Bird Flies adds another destination to my bucket list with her photos in First Impressions: Iceland

USA: Amanda from A Dangerous Business picks Highlights from a Week in the Old South – looks gorgeous, I do declare.

What about us?

June saw us launch a competition to Win a £2000 Volcano Hopping Trip Around Iceland  open til July 31st. If I was allowed, I’d be straight on entering to win this out-of-this-world good prize, so get going and do it now.

Volcano hopping in Iceland

Blogger Andrew Tipp caused a stir in the comments and on Facebook with guest post The 10 Most Overhyped Travel Attractions (And Where You Should Go Instead) , while other guest poster Tom Stockwell made our mouths water with his 8 Foods to Try in the USA

Summer Solstice was on June 21st, so we dug up some celebration pictures of bonfires and flower garlands: Midsummer Around the World in Pictures

Midsummer around the world

One last blog post of joy…

It was this big, close-up shot of a pile of golden French fries and a mac ‘n’ cheese sandwich that got me. Yes, I repeat, a goddamn mac ‘n’ cheese sandwich. Feast your eyes…

Mac n cheese sandwich

Jason from Imperfect Traveller talks eating Victoria Brunch – Great Brunch Restaurants in BC’s Capital City. Go over and drool.

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