Travel Blogger Awards Interview: Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

CrazySexyFunTraveler with piranhas in BoliviaAlexandra Kovacova is the Slovak blogger behind Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler.  A former air stewardess, Alexandra chronicles her many adventures around the world and recently won our Travel Blogger Fun Award, given to the travel blogger whose fun spirit brings their writing to life and makes us want to be their friend in the real world.

We had a quick chat to find out more about her crazy, sexy, fun life…

What has been your craziest travel experience?

Uff the first question and the most difficult one? I love sky diving, paragliding, ultra-light flight and helicopter ride, I am a flying freak. And also visiting the Amazon area in Bolivia was crazy and completely different to anything else. Swimming next to wild pink dolphins, caimans and piranhas was one hell of an adventure!

What has been your sexiest travel experience?

CrazySexyFunTraveler in Costa RicaThe first one I can think of were my 3 weeks at the beaches of Costa Rica back in May. Especially the week I spent in an all-inclusive hotel on the Pacific coast. I felt really happy there, I spent days swimming and relaxing and all the guys in the hotel seemed to love me. It just felt really sexy to get all their compliments about being the 8th Wonder of the World!

What has been your funniest travel experience?

Very difficult to choose just one. Each time I am with lovely people it is the funniest experience as I laugh and make other people laugh all the time.

Travel is a luxury to many, how do you budget for your travels?

I am not a real budget traveller and more and more I prefer my luxury. Blogging is my full-time job which means everything depends on me only. I can do anything I want to if only I try hard enough.

Traveling as a solo female traveller, have you ever been scammed or felt unsafe? What advice would you give to other women travelling on their own?

I don’t really feel unsafe very often. Actually many times people are more helpful if they see me alone. The only time that something happened to me was when my laptop and money were stolen in Mexico. But in general, try to avoid ”dangerous” neighbourhoods and be nice to people.

Your blog is very successful. How did you build your audience?

Thank you so much! It’s been tough 2 years of interacting with people, giving away my business cards and answering all the comments, messages, emails and tweets.

You post a lot of bikini photos on your blog… how do you keep your body in shape while travelling?

CrazySexyFunTraveler in Low Tatras in SlovakiaWell, it is not that many photos, definitely less than one fifth of all of them!

But I do a lot of walking, hiking and swimming, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke and I eat a lot of healthy food. I am just starting a new blog with some tips about how to stay fit when traveling.


You have another blog – We Travel around the World. How is your writing for We Travel around the World different to Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler?

It is a lot different, I don’t give much of my personality into We Travel around the World and it is more about photos and interviews only and not my personal experience travelling around the world.

What have you learned from other travel bloggers (and who)?

The list would be super long if I had to include here all the bloggers I have learnt from. After each conversation with any blogger I learn a lot and that’s the best part of it.

What’s next for the Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler?

In 2013 I will be doing an Adventure and Spa project, visiting places around the world and doing both adventure and spa things in all of them. It will be a pretty busy and interesting year working with a lot of tourist boards, hotels and travel agencies. Right now I am just planning everything, crazy!

Thanks Alexandra and congratulations on your win!

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