Beauty Tips for Backpackers

PWABFollowing on from Chelsea Duke’s top traveling tips for girls, we have another scoop – beauty tips on the go from Princess with a Backpack Lauren Resnick… Here’s how to look good when you’re living out of a backpack!

Want to look good when you’re stuck in a tiny bathroom, with one unusable plug and flourescent lighting?

Never fear – here are my ‘must-dos’ for looking fabulous on your travels…

    • MascaraAveda Fillables are perfect for storing small quantities of your favorite products.
    • Favorites can help you feel instantly more glamorous – if you are spending an extended period overseas, make sure you take enough, as they may well not be available in more remote locations.
    • Don’t bother packing mascara if you’re heading anywhere tropical… unless it’s waterproof!
    • Never take pump packs— they’ll end up all over your bag. I once packed my favorite body moisturizer in a pump pack, and even though I wrapped it in a plastic bag, it still ended up all  over my clothes.
    • If you’re going to be spending loads of time in the water, take a leave-in conditioner to revitalise your hair.
    • If you’re doing a lot of air travel, vitamin E or cod-liver oil tablets will work wonders for your skin.
    • Keep your hands soft on long-haul flights by smothering them in vitamin E cream and popping a pair of clean socks over them while you’re sleeping… instant beauty fix!

Compact Mirror

If you’re on the road, here’s three quick tips to help you feel your best…

  1. Tidy your eyebrows
  2. A coat of waterproof mascara
  3. And a little bronzer-highlighter!

Pack the Perfect In-Flight Bag

Most flights and airports still have security restictions – you need to make sure containers with creams, drinks, perfumes and gels do not exceed 100ml, and are in a clear plastic bag.  This will mean downsizing your beauty essentials… Trial sizes are also a fantastic way of getting all you need on the plane with you.

Here’s the simple essentials for feeling and looking great after a long flight:

  • Lip balm
  • Hand cream
  • Eye cream
  • Eye drops
  • Skin refresher spray
  • Deodorant
  • Nail file

There you have it. So simple to be stylish… Bon Voyage!

Lauren Resnick is a writer, designer and entrepreneur. She wrote and published her first book, Princess with a Backpack – the ultimate guide to backpacking in style – in New York City where she spent the best part of last year. Lauren has now returned to Sydney and there’s an e-book and the second edition soon to follow. You can contact her on

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