Beauty Advice for Female Travelers

Beauty Terrorist – the essential guide to beauty on the road from St Christopher’s Inns – makes a cameo appearance for us! We go back to basics to prioritise the best beautifiers for your hand luggage allowance and preview a top new product.

Back to Basics

Backpacking GirlsNow it’s one thing for backpackers to support the hand luggage restrictions brought in to combat terrorists but it’s another to allow a liquids allowance to get between you and your beauty regime. Bad breath, body odour and blemishes or a little planning ahead? It’s not a tough choice so here’s how you go about sourcing the correct size and range of: “liquids, gels, pastes, lotions and liquid cosmetics” to present in your: “transparent, resealable bag of no more than one litre capacity!”

How to Beat Hand Luggage Restrictions

First of all you’re going to have to accept that the start up costs for an efficient carry-on cosmetic range might bite you in the financial butt. Mini shampoo bottles, tiny conditioners, slim skin tonics and make-up removers (all of which have to be 100ml or less) form part of a niche market in drug stores around the world, so the costs are hiked up appropriately.

SuitcaseThe best buys (especially when you factor in refilling them with ease later on) include Tresemme’s 75ml shampoos and conditioners, Atrixo’s 100ml body moisturiser tub and Dermalogica’s mini travel pack, which includes a face wash, spray toner and a selection of moisturizers for your face.

Furthermore be advised that mini roll on deodorants last longer than the spray ons and shower gels are a big no no, because a bar of soap goes a lot further – without impeding on your one litre cosmetic capacity.

A Top New Product

A Swiss Army Knife isn’t the most obvious of accessories for your standard issue image- conscious-traveler, but when it comes to the Swiss Card, it’s a different story. This streamlined accessory looks like your regular credit card but inside you’ll find tweezers, a nail file, nail scissors, a ballpoint pen, a letter opener, a toothpick, ruler and screw driver.

Clearly this one isn’t hand luggage friendly, but for the long haul it saves you a fair chunk of room in your backpack. You’ll find the Swiss Card on a number of websites but is your best bet.

St. Christopher's Inns– Rob Savage

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