Top Ten Prague Bars as Recommended by Backpackers

No stranger to lad getaways, stag dos and bachelor parties, Prague is a beer drinkers’ paradise full to bursting with pubs and bars that serve the finest beers in the Czech Republic.

With so many bars to choose from in town it’s easy to miss out on  the best places which is why we’ve come up with a list of Prague’s top bars with a little help from some of our friends on facebook to help you on your merry way in the capital of cool.

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1. Café Bar Propaganda

Pštrossova 220/29, Prague 1

Recommended by Zsombor Vánkos

Cool bars in Prague

This is a great little bar near the National Theater that’s always packed with a lively local crowd and the occasional local celebrity.

The bar is a little on the small side but this only adds to the charm and lively atmosphere of Bar Propaganda. It can get really busy at peak times with the backroom in particular tending to fill up early with savvy locals and tourists in the know.

The beer is super cheap and there is a long list of good value cocktails on offer (including a number of dangerously alcoholic absinthe based varieties) which should keep the non-beer drinkers amongst you happy. There is a nominal closing time of 2 am but the bar has been known to stay open well beyond this when it’s particularly busy, and that happens pretty often.

This is a great place for pre-clubbing, or a boozy night out in a friendly bar environment.

2. Boulder Bar

V Jámě 6, Prague 1

Recommended by Richard Whittington

Top bars in Prague

Boulder Bar is a bar with a difference in that it has its very own climbing wall. Here you can work up a thirst on the boulder walls in the back room before crashing back the beers in the bar at the front. You can do it the other way round of course (you might say this has to be done…) but this is obviously not rated or recommended.

The crowd is mainly local and the vast majority are climbing enthusiasts but you shouldn’t let this put you off if you are a bit of a novice when it comes to climbing. The staff are enthusiastic and always happy to take you through the basics.

Bouldering and Budvar-ing is a strange mix but well worth a try if you’re feeling energetic or adventurous.

Boulder Bar is open from 1pm-11 am everyday, except for Tuesdays and Thursdays when it opens at 9am.

3. Lucerna Café

Vodičkova 36, Prague 1

Recommended by Ryan Bennett

Located in one of the most famous passages in Prague, Lucerna Café is just behind the iconic Cerny statue of St. Wenceslas flogging an upside down dead horse.

This is a great place to have a chilled out beer. Here you can idly watch people passing by below you and admire the stunning Art Nouveau  architecture.

Lucerna is not a place to come if you’re after a banging night out or somewhere to go to ‘fuel up’ for a night on the tiles- the beers are not among the cheapest in town and the vibe is more sophisticated and calm rather than inebriated and raucous- but it is a must-see, if not for the atmosphere, most definitely for the gorgeous surroundings.

The Café is open Monday – Friday from 11am-11pm and 5pm-11pm on weekends.

4. U Fleku

Kremencova 11, Prague 1

As recommended by Andy Jackson

U Fleku bar in Prague

A short walk from the center of town, U Fleku has everything you could possibly want from a bar- beer, food, live music and cabaret entertainment all under one roof. It even has its own onsite brewery and museum, perfect if you’re interested in learning about how they make their delicious beer.

First and foremost it’s a proper bar full of beer swigging locals and jolly travelers enjoying the fresh beer which is brewed on the premise.

U Fleku operates a table service bringing the beers round by the tray load, while you don’t have to pay until you finally stumble out meaning that you can concentrate solely on quaffing your ale.

The food is phenomenal and is your classic traditional Czech fare- duck, pork, goulash and sausage dishes served with a choice of dumplings, potato and cabbage. The pork knuckle is particularly good and has won rave reviews from diners.

This really is a must visit bar in Prague and you will find it hard to leave the fantastic atmosphere generated by the regular accordion recitals and drunken Czech’s singing traditional songs.

5. Jazz Dock

Janáčkovo nábřeží 2, Prague 5

If you’re after a bit of jazz to accompany your drunken shenanigans, head to Jazz Dock in Prague 5.

Jazz Dock is one of the newest jazz bars in town and is also one of the best.

It overlooks a stunning waterfront setting and brings a innovative design vibe, the glass wall which reflecting the huge bar is particularly impressive, especially at night.

Entry is really cheap; it’s 150 CZK for most shows and just 90 CZK if you are under 25. Drink prices are also good value for a jazz venue, starting at 35 CZK per glass of beer. There is also a decent list of spirits to try which, of course, includes absinthe.

The jazz concerts usually start at 10 pm and are often followed by jam sessions that last long into the night. There are two concerts on Fridays and Saturdays while Sundays belong to Dixie shows.

If you’re coming for a show then it’s best to book in advance as like most places worth going to in Prague, it gets very busy at peak times.

6. Kino Svetozor

Vodickova 41, Prague 1

cool bars in Prague

An underground bar in a cinema, this is a must for all film fans. Compact and cozy inside, the bar is a great place to hang out before catching a film in the cinema upstairs.

However, you don’t have to have a cinema ticket to enjoy a beer at the bar which also doubles up as a photographic gallery. Some of the city’s most promising up and coming photographers showcase their work here and the bar provides you with a unique opportunity to get a cultural fix whilst tucking back the beers.

The cinema upstairs is pretty niche and focuses more on art films and festivals rather than your mainstream Hollywood stuff. So depending upon the week you go expect art films and documentaries rather than Matt Damon action flicks or teeny rom coms.

The bar is open daily from 4pm until midnight.

7. Pivovarský klub

Křižíkova 17, Prague 8

Pivovarský klub Prague

The Czech Republic is renowned for the quality of its lagers and is home to some of the best beers in the world. Home to international labels like Pilsner and Budvar (the beer drinkers Budweiser), it is considered by many as the beer drinking capital of the world.

If Prague is the capital then Pivovarský klub is it’s palace; here you’ll find the widest selection of beers in the city. It features 6 different beers on tap which are constantly changing on a weekly basis and often features some real rarities that you would never find in your local supermarket. In addition it has a list of bottled beers that brought in from six different continents.

This is a real man’s place and is definitely not somewhere to come for a quiet glass of wine- every one who drinks here are beer mad and you can even try crazy beer meals like crepes with beer jam…

Pivovarský klub is open daily from 11.00am-11.30pm.

8. The Pub

Veleslavínova 3, Prague 1

The Pub Prague

The Pub is a drinking experience like no other…self -service beer anyone? Each table has its own beer tap and is ‘logged in’ to the pub so that you can keep track of how many beers you’re drinking and, more importantly, how you and your mates are doing compared to the rest of the pub.

The pub as a whole is also wired up to other pubs in The Pub chain and the stats are broadcast on a huge screen which gets harder and harder to understand the more beers that you tuck away.

The competition element ensures a lively atmosphere at all times and this is a great concept that you really have to try if you like your beers by the bucket load…and who doesn’t?

The upper part of the pub is also reserved for non-smokers if you prefer to be away from the smoking groups.

Food is available and probably advisable if you plan on staying for a long stint on the booze although the menu can be a little expensive.

The Pub is open Monday to Thursday from 11-1am, 11-3am on Fridays and 12-3am on Saturdays and Sundays.

9. U Vystřelenýho oka

U Božích bojovníků 3, Prague 3

U Vystřelenýho oka Prague

U Vystřelenýho oka is unashamedly common, loud and brash- it’s a rock bar after all- and makes no apologies for not being a place for cultured drinkers, non-smokers or wine lovers.

This is a place for beer drinkers, rock enthusiasts, musicians and people who like to party and is always packed when concerts are on. You’ll be barely able to move but the atmosphere is second to none.

The beers are very reasonably priced and the food is your classic Czech pub grub and extremely cheap;  a huge portion of craut soup with sausage is just 25 CZK.

In the summer the beer garden is a good option but we advise you not to neglect the inside- it features lots of surreal art by Prague born Martin Velíšek including t-shirts, funny menu cards and elaborately designed ashtrays.

Don’t forget the large tea-room just above the pub.

U Vystřelenýho oka is open from 16:30-1 am Monday to Saturday

10. Vinárna U Sudu

Vodickova 10, Prague 1

Vinárna U Sudu Prague

This great ‘wine bar’ is one of Prague’s best kept secrets, despite the fact it is on one of the city’s busiest streets and just a stone’s throw from Wenceslas Square. Hidden behind a deceivingly small exterior is huge wine bar decked out with a retro piano and a table-football room where you can take on enthusiastic locals over a beer.

The medieval cellar downstairs is also pretty impressive, a complex labyrinth of rooms houses a surprising number of tables branching off at different angles.

The stairs leading down to the cellar area are quite steep and it would be a real pain if you had to climb back up the stairs to get yourself another drink. Fortunately, they’ve thought around this potential drunken accident at Vinárna U Sudu and installed two further bars in the cellar for your convenience.

The bar can hold as many as 300 people which looking at the place from the outside you’d never have thought possible. It just goes to show that appearances really can be deceptive sometimes.

The bar is always open late and is a great place to spend an evening after a busy day site-seeing in Prague.

Vinárna U Sudu completes our list of places to go for a drink in Prague. Thanks to everyone who put forward suggestions on Facebook- your feedback is really important to us.

If you know a good place you’d recommend for a beer in Prague, let us know. 

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