Things to Do in Benin

Want to know some of the standout things to do in Benin? Then have a look through our handpicked suggestions below…

1. Tata Somba Houses, Boukoumbe

About an hour from Natitingou, this small village contains remarkably well-preserved examples of traditional tribal homes. Fascinating in structure, the buildings vary in design and function. One interesting example resembles a small fortified castle, with a lower floor for animals and the upper level for more than one family.

2.Koto Falls, Natitingou

Located just outside of Natitingou, these falls vary in flow rate and volume depending on the time of year. While the picturesque setting is suitable for relaxing in the shade of its surrounding trees, a trip isn’t complete without a swim in the natural pool at its base. The waterfall is also the site of some evocative village ruins.

3.Hippo-Spotting, Oueme

Boat tours on the Oueme River offer one of the best ways to get up close and personal with the hippo, one of the continent’s most fascinating – and dangerous! – animals.

4. Pendjari National Park

Home to over 45 different species of mammal and 217 birds, this park offers tours of varying lengths. Ecotourists are likely to see hippos, baboons, buffalo, elephants, lions, cheetahs and crocodiles in their natural habitat – among the countless other species on display,

5. Grand Popo, Mono

Close to the Togo border, the main attraction at this small fishing village is its striking beach and local art and craft shops.

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