The 10 Hostel Commandments

10 Hostel commandments

Hit by a lightning flash of inspiration from Facebook, we whittled the ten hostel commandments out of pixels and posted them here for you to follow. What fate lies in store for those who don’t? Oh, only eternity scrubbing toilets in Backpacker Hell (after that free nightly pub crawl that happens in Backpacker Heaven). HostelBookers has spoken!

10 Hostel Commandments

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We love these other commandments from our Facebook friends, but we just couldn’t fit them on the list…

  • Kosmas Koxlias Thou shalt not have a bad relationship with the cleaning lady…
  • Alex Berger He or she who turns the lights on after 11PM and before 6AM shall be punched. Repeatedly.
  • Lindsay Cash If u snore expect a pillow in your face
  • Daniel Voyce Thou shalt not vomit on the person below you!
  • Emily Manners Thou shalt not rustle a plastic bag at 5am!
  • Charlie Teece Thou shalt not string washing lines between bunk beds and fill a room with damp laundry.
  • Michaëla Mei Abeita Thou shalt not leave used condoms on the floor..
  • Nancy Tanner Thou shall get creative and eat for 3 meals using only the items left in the free food cupboard. Thou shall not forget the amazing time they had at the Beez Kneez Bakpakers hostel!!
  • Gillybean Poppinskulls Thou shalt not wake the others at 5am when staggering in drunk with hiccups.
  • Jack Arthur Ellis Thou shalt not walk around naked in the night.
  • Tahly Ennis DON’T use my towel to mop up beer! Smelly snorers should pay for their own room
  • Kevin Cooze Thou shalt not fart, silent or not.
  • Andrew Gill Thou shalt learn that your cellphone makes a great personal torch and saying ‘sorry’ when you’ve pulled the light switch in a dorm room doesn’t cut it
  • Jeremy Albelda Thou shall pack thy bag the night before if leaving early the next morning…
  • Lauren Pigott Thou shall act like a decent human being. It’s not that hard.
  • Gina Bush Do go on the events the hostel organises!
  • Isaac Jacob Thou shall pay the bill and smile when u do so
  • Chester Liew You might be with an awesome group of friends, but don’t ignore new guest who just walked in and will be sharing the hostel room. Be nice, spread the awesomeness.

Tell us your commandments in the comments…

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