Studying Spanish in Spain

If your dream is to improve your Spanish language skills or simply to learn Spanish, then forget about language laboratories, online courses, distance learning and private tuition! These methods are typically expensive and often ineffective in the long run.

So what should you do? Go and learn Spanish in Spain, of course! Since you will be totally immersed in the locals and culture, this is an ideal opportunity to learn a language effectively, and come away from your holiday chattering like a pro (well, almost).

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Before you buy a ticket and jump on a plane, remember that language courses in Spain do require some preparation. To make life a little easier for all you budding multilinguists, we would therefore like to share some tips to ensure your successful Spanish immersion.

1. Define your motivations. Related to your objectives, they are the key to a successful language course.

2. Determine your language goals with a consultant. Do you want to become bilingual or simply improve your oral communication skills or else your knowledge of Spanish grammar?

3. Choose a destination that fits your personality. Are you rather a city person, an adventurer, a sports fan or do you prefer to relax on the beach?

4. Choose an accommodation type that fits your lifestyle. Host family, residence, shared apartment or hostels in Spain?

According to your objectives, the duration of your Spanish courses may vary from two weeks up to a year, or even more if you wish to extend your stay and carry out an internship or a paid job. Everything is possible if you have the will to do it!

Learn Spanish in Spain and experience a language course rich in colours, savours and flavours! There are so many destinations available that it is hard to pick just one. Alicante, Barcelona, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Ibiza, Majorca, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Nerja, Salamanca, San Sebastian, Seville, Tenerife, Vejér de la Frontera, Valencia, Pamplona…all of these popular places are just a plane (or train) trip away!

What’s the Cost?

But how much will these kind of language holidays cost? Be aware that prices vary a lot depending on the duration of the stay, the course type, the destination as well as the accommodation type.

For example, a two week standard course plus a host family or half board at the Don Quixote language school will cost you €863 (this includes all course material and classes). For a room in a shared apartment (not including meals), the price will be slightly less at €805 for two weeks.

Find more prices with a simple price calculator on the ESL website, making it easy for you to estimate the cost of Spanish courses in Barcelona.

Make the Most of Your Course

Finally, how to get the most out of studying a language abroad?

1. Avoid staying with people speaking your mother tongue or, if they do, make sure you talk to them only in Spanish

2. Follow the language course assiduously

3. Take advantage of your free time to put the knowledge acquired during class into practice

4. Get to know the locals by adopting their lifestyle.

Follow these hot tips and you’ll realise you are making amazing progress.

But most importantly: have faith in yourself and experience Spain to the fullest!

Hasta luego!

This guest post was written by ESL Language Studies Abroad. Thanks to rogdavies for the image off flickr.

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