Single Travel vs Couple Travel: What’s Better?

Couple Travel

By Alexia Dellner

It’s that time of year again that will either make you roll your eyes in disgust at what you consider a holiday created by the Hallmark company, or make you go googly eyed and excited about the flowers and chocolates coming your way…

In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day, we ask what’s better – travelling solo or travelling as a couple? To help you decide, here are some of the pros and cons of each…

Travelling Solo – Pros

Travelling Solo

❤ You can do exactly as you please

❤ Once you’ve travelled the world by yourself, anything seems possible

❤ Lots of time for reflection

❤ It’s easier to meet people and make new friends!

❤ You discover who you really are

Travelling Solo – Cons

Lonely traveller

❤ It can be lonely

❤ When things go wrong, there’s no one to share the burden with

❤ When things are amazing, there’s no one to share the experience with

❤ Most of your photos will be selfies

❤ You discover who you really are

Travelling as a Couple – Pros

Happy couple

❤ You get to create memories and bond with your partner

❤ There’s someone else to help you problem solve (and help you carry your bags!)

❤ There’s safety in numbers

❤ Splitting the cost of accommodation/food/equipment can be cheaper

❤ After travelling together, your relationship will never be the same

Travelling as a Couple – Cons

Couple argument

❤ Not as easy to meet fellow travellers

❤ If you have an argument, the journey can seem pretty long

❤ You have to accommodate another person and do things that they want to do

❤ You’ll inevitably discover new things that frustrate you about your partner

❤ After travelling together, your relationship will never be the same

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

We asked our facebook fans – “If you could choose, would you travel solo or in a couple?” Check out the responses below!

(And in case you were wondering, in our facebook poll travelling solo beat travelling as a couple 50 to 35!)

❤ In a couple. Love the freedom of travelling solo during the day but gets a bit lonely in the evenings. Also it’s nice to have some photos of yourself from your travels Long-term travelling, I’d definitely choose solo though! Kiara Gallop

❤ Depends on the destination. And the journey. Really! Shradha Shahapurkar

❤ I enjoy traveling solo so I can do and see everything I want, without worrying if the other person will enjoy it or not. However, I’d love to find someone that has my same interests in traveling so I have someone to do it with!! Lori Capps

❤ Solo, love meeting all sorts of other people. Also seen too many breakups with people I’ve met travelling! Raine Gorter

❤ I would travel in a couple. As the saying goes “You travel faster alone, but farther together.” – Michael Benanav Catherine Fenwick

❤ I traveled around Europe with my girlfriend for two months and BOY I don’t think we’ll be doing that any time soon again. Being stuck together 24/7 for such a long time is the best breeding ground for arguments. So, yeah, solo traveling is definitely better. But ronery? Richard Luijten

❤ Nothing bonds 2 people more than sharing near death experiences & recalling funny stories together. You create a connection no one else can have. Solo is satisfying but who do you laugh/cry about it to? Georgia Ellen KH

❤ Traveling solo makes you feel yourself. Vivian Liu

❤ The less people, the better-but not alone. There are a lot of problems that look easier to solve when you are not on your own. Two or three curious and not too demanding individuals would be perfect. Alma Keser-brozović

❤ Couple if you have found the right person, solo if you haven’t! Sarah Jamieson

❤ Travelling as a couple is great not only cause you’re sharing the experience but because you have an extra pair of eyes to watch your bags. Only realised this after meeting a number of solo travellers who had unfortunately had their bags snatched because they were preoccupied with other things. Laura Dee

❤ Both are good. It’s nice to share memories when in a couple, and you have security. but you meet a lot more people traveling alone! Its more mentally challenging alone and I found that more fulfilling. Nicola Galatis

❤ As a couple!
Two know more than one.
With two people it’s always a challenge to move your boundaries.
And it’s much more fun to share your experiences with each other. Annelise van Daalen

❤ In a couple definitely. My partner is my best friend and I would be lost without him – whether that be at home or wherever I am in the world. Luckily we have the same interests, dislikes and values, and we can both compromise pretty well which is important when making decisions. We have had some amazing experiences when traveling and I honestly can’t say I would have had them without being with him. The added security/safety is also a bonus. I’m not saying that traveling as a couple is the *best* way, but for me it definitely beats being solo. Helen Craggs

❤ Solo! Forget about safety, and having someone to share it with, because that’s not what travelling is about. Its about getting out of your comfort zone, learning, about yourself and about the people you meet. with another you will always partly rely on them and their views on things, instead of your thoughts and lessons and those of the people you meet. Plus I change my mind about every 30 seconds, wouldn’t want to put that on anyone else, haha Lisa van Nuland

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