25 Sand Sculptures That Will Blow Your Mind

Sandcastle artistry…who knew there was such a thing? We’ve hunted around cyberspace to find the most awesome pics of cool sand-art for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy…

1. The ultimate sand castle

The mother of all sandcastles. This beauty makes any bucket and spade effort look obsolete.  Thanks Eric Kilby.

2. The Simpsons in the sand

The question is, how did they make that fire? Thanks edeidin.

3. Treasure chest in the sand

I wonder if there’s an x-marks-the-spot map inside made out of sand too? Thanks Timitrius.

4.The man holding a sand brain

This bizarre creation was displayed at the Orange County Fair in California, here you’ll find everything from sand sports super show where sand artists display their amazing work in the hopes of winning some cool prizes. Thanks vmiramontes.

5. The old ‘cow driving a tractor’ trick

“Just moo-ving the tractor dear”. Thanks grendalkhan.

6. The horse

Everybody needs good neigh-bours. Aww, I’d like to pet him. Thanks Lee Coursey.

7. The creepy skeletons

Uh-oo they’re not very nice. Brilliantly crafted sand skeletons though. Thanks BigTallGuy.

8. The Salvador Dali

Tick tock sand’s on the clock. Do I detect a bit of a Salvador Dali influence? Thanks Jule_Berlin.

9. The sand-stately-home

Wow, this sand artists’s gone one better than a sand castle and made a whole sand grounds. Very swish. Thanks Chris Friese.

10. Piglets of the Cowabbean

Haha, Piglets of the Cowabbean, love it! Thanks Alex1961.

11. The sand village

An incredible photo and an incredible sand village to boot. Thanks Mikebaird.

12. The sand tent

Don’t you just feel like you could sit down with them and enjoy a sandy shish? Yeah, me too. Thanks El coleccionista de instantes.

13. The pensive sand-frog

It’s not often you get to see a frog contemplating the meaning of life…Thanks Holger Zscheyge.

14. The mermaid who prefers sunglasses to bikini tops

The artist could have made her some sandy bra cups – she’ll catch her death lounging about on the beach like that. Thanks dsearls.

15. Another sand castle

Now that’s what I call a sandcastle. Thanks Lucas Lopez.

Now that’s what I call a sandcastle. Thanks Lucas Lopez.

16. The three wise sand-men

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil – I’m glad to see these sandcastles in sand are trying to teach people a valuable lesson. Learning through sand art, it could be the next craze in schools… Thanks Ylegrand.

17. The crazy sand-alien

I think this is something from the Alien Trilogy films, it’s a bit weird, but I like it. Thanks abundantc.

18. Number 6’s parents

I wonder if they know their baby is all the way up at number 6? Thanks d4rr3ll.

19. The sand-hat

I’m thinking Lady Gaga will want a piece of this action. This was an entrant to the US Open Sand Castle Competition. Thanks Port of San Diego.

20. The gnome who tamed the sand-dragon


21. The forest from sleeping beauty

In case you’re wondering, the lady in the devil outfit is actually supposed to be the evil queen… Thanks Jeroen Kransen.

22. Sand surrealism

In case oyu ever wondered what sand-music looks like… Thanks Jo Naylor


23. The Giant Turnip

The Giant Turnip – what a lovely tale of a family working together to get something done. And it’s been captured beautifully here in sand form. How did they do the expressions so well? I’m in awe. Thanks шурег.

24. Marylin Monroe

Marilyn Monroe made out of sand – is there any art form that hasn’t had a go at depicting the blonde beauty? Ceramics? No I bet that’s been done. Nail Art – see there’s your gap in the market, Marilyn Monroe shaped fingernails. Thanks pasujoba.

25. A very butch looking Ariel

Thanks Jeroen Kransen.

But before you go, check this out for a sand sculpture. She’s the winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent 2009 … and if you fancy giving it a go yourself you can buy sand for sand art from high street retailers as well as Amazon,  s&s worldwide and ToysRus.

Oh and check this out – the perfect way to create sand art without getting your fingers dirty. Make sure to put the link below when it’s in the gallery.

Which is your favourite sand sculpture above? Let us know in the comments box below…

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