Stories of Romance on the Road that will Leave You with All the Feels

Kissy kissy on the beach

Ever wanted to know what your fellow travellers get up to between the sheets (if they even make it that far)? Do you wonder if you’re the king or queen of kink, or if for all your boisterous bragging you’re not much more than the norm? Well you can find out how you rank as all is revealed in Travel Sex Lives Laid Bare.

To celebrate the success of our sex survey last month, we decided to ask some of the world wide web’s favourite travel bloggers to spill the beans on their own personal romance stories from the road. It seems, contrary to the survey results, that most of it revolves around love, rather than the horny, animalistic lust so usually associated with backpackers and travellers. So, what do you think? Does all this love leave you with renewed hope for the future, or have you rolling your eyes at the ‘Hollywoodness’ of it all. Check out our stories of romance from the road and make up your mind.

Praise the Lard- It’s Love at First Bite

I left a long-term relationship to travel around the world and write about food. After 4 years of traveling alone I had no idea I would meet the love of my life on the road. I’d travelled to the Prince Edward Islands and everyone told me I had to eat at his restaurant, so I visited for a late charcuterie plate. He says it was love at first sight, but I think it was my “Praise the Lard” t-shirt. Either way, it was fate as he was planning to move to Toronto and now I can enjoy all his food at home.

Ayngelina, Bacon is Magic

By Ayngelina’s from Bacon is Magic.

City of Light for Love’s Delight

Even though we have been traveling non-stop for five years, Paris had always eluded us. We wanted to save it for something good! Last October, for our 12th wedding anniversary, Pete decided he wanted to surprise me. For a month I tried to guess where we were going, and he successfully dodged every question. Even though I had a tiny idea that it was Paris, I was still very pleasantly surprised when he handed over my boarding ticket. Our visit there was five of the best days we’ve shared in our five years of travel.

Pete & Darlene, Hecktic Travels


By Darlene & Pete’s from Hecktic Travels.

Double Dose of Awww

Sara’s story:

Last October my friend and I won a contest to cover an event in Jasper, Alberta. I was instantly smitten with the guy we were working with for the event, but I didn’t get a sense that the feeling was mutual. Thank goodness for the Internet, because months later he reached out to me on Facebook. It turns out that those feelings were very mutual, he just wasn’t picking up my (less than) subtle hints. A few months of long distance romance and one long cross-country move later and we’ve officially started our lives together!

Candice & Sara, Let's Go Ladies

Candice’s romance story:

While dating my way across Japan, I experienced an integral part of Japanese pop-culture: the “Love Confession” or kokuhaku. There’s a certain ritualized aspect to it – the boy takes the girl aside and confesses his feelings for her. If and when the girl returns those feelings, a true relationship can begin. The accountant I was seeing took me to a fancy restaurant with a private booth and admitted his feelings for me. He told me not to respond right away, just to take my time and think about his words. It was just like out of a movie.

By Sara & Candice’s from The Let’s Go Ladies.

To the Ends of the Earth…

Love on the road can lead to good things, most often it is fleeting and fun. You don’t have the constraints that you would have with a conventional relationship – your time is short and you are both in the moment of now without all the stresses and weights of the world that a permanent location and career can bring. Then if you are lucky and chemistry clicks beyond just the physical and more serious long distance relationships can follow, but there has to be a strong degree of trust and communication. I met my wife on the island of Koh Samet in Thailand. We spent 4 years on the opposite ends of the globe from each other, certainly not easy way to spend the formative years of a relationship. But we made it work between many phone calls and trips to see each other; we now live together in California.

Dave, Dave's Travel Corner

Check out Dave’s blog, Dave’s Travel Corner.

Win Some, Lose Some

I’ve had a few romances on the road in my eight years of full-time travel. From casual encounters to multi-year relationships, it’s been a slice. I had an interesting romance with a Swedish fellow in New Zealand (who I dubbed my “Swedish Squeeze”). It started off as a casual thing, but as can happen, our hearts became entangled, and we had a rewarding relationship lasting about six months. It didn’t end as gracefully as it started however; while I was on a train somewhere in Siberia, he got another woman pregnant. You win some, you lose some!

Nora, The Professional Hobo

By Nora’s from The Professional Hobo.

Paradise Lost

Asia has some of the most stunning scenery on Earth. You can easily fall in love with its beaches, so why not its bitches! I came up with this term as I couldn’t escape from the beauty of an Asian girl in Bali – I prefer to keep her nationality confidential. Katy was the ideal backpacker; she was so easy going, so funny, smart and definitely a great lover. We trekked untouched beach-front paradises and spent a very intense month declaring our profound love for each other. I had even considered bringing her on my next trek to South America, that’s until I just found out she levelled the same speech at any tourist in town. Quite disappointing, but fortunately I worked that out in time.

By Alex from Etravelblog.

Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last

It was a study abroad program in Miami that changed my life — it got me addicted to travel and it led me to the love of my life. I met Alberto through a friend, and the day we met, I knew I was drawn to his shy and down-to-earth personality. We hung out all the time at parties and in school, we got to know each other so well and we traveled together. When it was time to head home, I thought it was the end of us. But 10 years later, we’re still together, now traveling the world hand in hand.

Nellie, Wild Junket

By Nellie from Wild Junket.

How to Make an Impression

On my first Australian date with the girl who would later become my wife, we decided to spend a lazy afternoon on the beach with her friends.

Beaches in Australia are something to behold and are as iconic as the ‘barbie’. Amazonian women with long blonde hair, fabulous looks and small, almost non-existent bikinis glide along the golden sand. Tanned Australian men with their muscular, athletic bodies strut up and down the shorefront in their manly board shorts, surfboards and sun cream at the ready. It can be an intimidating place for the first-timer.

Russell, In Search of a Life Less Ordinary

With this at the back of my mind, I stripped down to my swimwear and jogged over to the water’s edge, trying to look as manly as possible but failing as a result of the way-too-tight Lycra shorts I had on that were all the rage across Europe at the time. Apparently, they weren’t so much in Australia because, looking nervously back, I could see my new girlfriend’s friends rolling around on the sand, howling with laughter as they watched a pasty, lanky English guy wearing tiny skin-tight shorts stumble down to the surf.

Ignoring the laughter, I jumped into the water, chin up, chest out, and assured that these nay sayers would eventually be converted to the way of the tight shorts. After diving down to the bottom of the four foot shallows, I shot up out of the ocean like the bronzed, athletic Adonis that I wanted to be, but so obviously was not. Because, much to my horror, the shorts were long gone and so was my modesty. This was a great beach date.

By Russell Ward from In Search of a Life Less Ordinary.

She Still Said Yes!

I had it all planned. We stay in a low class hotel first so no expectations are raised, then climb Mont Blanc where I propose at 4800mtrs, the summit of Europe as the sun rises and then return triumphantly into Chamonix, France where we stay in a 5 star hotel. Perfect. No problems… until we were a hundred meters from the top at 4am on the 3rd day. Guide says we must turn back. Plan in shatters. What do I do now? If I don’t propose the hotel is a waste and my opportunity is gone. My last chance was outside the toilets at a hut. After an ‘are you serious?’ she said yes and legged it to the loo! Very romantic!

Ross, Travelling for Fun

By Ross from Travelling for Fun.

Leaving Love Locks in Korea

South Korea is for lovers! This country is home to matching couple outfits, cute cafes that play lovey-dovey pop songs, and holidays like ‘Kiss Day’ and ‘Hug Day’. One popular tradition for couples in love is to climb up Namsan (South Mountain) in Seoul to leave love locks. Seeing as this is the city where my boyfriend Samuel and I first met, we decided to take part in this tradition while we were living in Korea. One autumn day we hiked all the way to the top where we bought matching locks with hearts on them. We each wrote messages on the back of the locks expressing how excited we were to travel the world together, and we then locked them and threw away the key. Soon after we set out on a 15 month backpacking trip that took us through 25+ countries, and last month I married this boy I locked love locks with! One day we’ll have to go back to Seoul and see if we can find ours in that sea of love locks.

Audrey, That Backpacker

By Audrey from That Backpacker.

Dreams Do Come True

When my brother and I travelled to Sydney together in 2008, we decided to stay in the same hostel I’d stayed at 2 years before when I backpacked Australia on my own. At check-in we heard about a football match the hostel had organised, so after dropping our bags we went straight back to the lobby to join. Amongst the other players we saw one guy dressed in an Orange shirt and knew right away that he was Dutch too. But I also knew something else right away; this is the man of my dreams! Long story short, we found out the feeling was mutual, ended up living together in Sydney for 2 years and have just celebrated our 6th year together.

Nienke, The Travel Tester

By Nienke from The Travel Tester.

A Round the World-Wind Romance

My best travel romance story is the relationship I’m still in now. Through our mutual love of travel I met fellow blogger Scott. We had a few whirlwind trips around the USA and Mexico, then decided to pack up our things and travel together long term. We traveled around the world for two years and now we live together in Amsterdam, one of our favourite cities. So, as travel romances go, this was definitely a good one 🙂

Julia, Homeless and Confused

By: Julia from Homeless and Confused.

Good Night Snoozeheart

He put his arm around me, not caring about the two other guys a few feet away, probably on a date too, as they awkwardly fumbled in an attempted hand-hold. We’d spent the evening chattering away and drinking beers, and were now sat on a beach in Colombian paradise, Isla San Andres, the Caribbean sea stretching before us. We kissed, and went back to his place, although I spent the night back in my hostel.

Tom, Waegook Tom

A few days went by, and we ran into each other in the airport, agreeing to meet up when I was back in Bogota, our hug lingering a bit too long as his flight was called for boarding. He was flying back to Bogota, I was heading to Cali. The following week, we danced the night away at Theatron, Bogota’s colossal gay club, not taking our eyes off each other all night. We did sleep together that night – literally. The club’s unlimited drink refills resulted in me passing out in a nearby motel. The next morning, I shook my head at what a typical Brit I sometimes am, nursing my splitting head with a Big Mac, his dreamy eyes a blur in my mind.

By Tom from Waegook Tom.

Time and Distance Knows No Bounds

I met my boyfriend while traveling in Bali 2 years ago – at a hostel, of course! We traveled around Bali for 3 weeks together and then went in different directions. Three weeks later, we met up in the Kuala Lumpur Airport for 14 hours (long story). Three months later, we both wound up in New Zealand, then we travelled to the Philippines on a whim for a month. We didn’t see each other for a year after that and then decided to meet up in Colombia for Three weeks. He followed me home and moved to Toronto to be with me. We called our two year whirlwind romance an open long distance relationship (ha!).

Melissa, Melissa-to-and-Fro

By Melissa from Melissa-to-and-Fro.

There’s No Place Like Home

When I left to travel around the world, I’d just ended a five year relationship. It wasn’t easy but I was free! And don’t get me wrong, by “free” I mean, I would not be happy traveling if I was missing someone back home. So now, I could travel the world, unencumbered. I was single.

I dated here and there and met interesting men in Turkey, Spain, Italy, and Vietnam, but it was never love. After 2 1/2 years traveling and circling the globe, I returned to my childhood home in New Jersey. It was here that I reunited with an old friend from high school and promptly fell in love. I’d traveled the world and fallen in love in New Jersey of all places. I’d literally come full circle.

By Lisa From LLworldtour.

Those That Train Together, Stay Together

If you want to test the strength or validity of your relationship, I have the perfect travel experience for you. May I recommend a 20 hour overnight train in Myanmar? What do you get when you combine tracks built by WWII prisoner of war labour and rail carts that last saw maintenance in the Cold War? One heck of a bumpy ride!!!

The violent lurching and jerking of the train, the endless metallic clanks and crashes, and fabric and floors most kindly described as filthy – well, it’s enough to test anyone’s patience and good will and that’s just in the first hour. Then there was a toilet situation we’ve vowed to never speak of again and a particularly dark hour when we actually wished for derailment to break up the monotony.

Vanessa, Turnipseed Travel

We were not in a good place. But as time marched on (moving more quickly, it seems, than the ancient train itself), you get to appreciate the country and the spirit of its people. And if you’ve survived the night and can still look each other in the eye, you might just have a partner for life!

By Vanessa from Turnipseed Travel.

On a Bicycle Built for Two

I met Dave through my travel blog. We were both travelling through Southeast Asia at the same time and had been flirting via Twitter for many months. I met him for the first time at Chiang Mai airport — I didn’t even know what he sounded like. I was terrified. We hit it off within seconds and somehow ended up moving in together. My solo travels around the world had transformed. Suddenly, I had a boyfriend. We’ve now been travelling the world together for three years, and have no plans to stop any time soon.

Lauren, Never Ending Footsteps

By Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps.

I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll

A few years back I traveled solo through Java, Indonesia, primarily bicycling and mountain climbing. For my first climb I tackled Gunung Gede in Western Java, starting from the national park campground at the base of the mountain. Soon after arriving at camp, I met a gorgeous young Javanese hiker with long, lush wavy black hair, who had just come down from the mountain. Since I planned to begin my ascent early next morning, he asked when I’d complete the climb and said he’d come back to meet me.

Three days later, mountain summit-ted, I returned to the campground. There was my new friend awaiting me, just as he’d promised. We camped out together and got to know each other. Turned out he was lead singer in a Death Metal band. Cool!

The following evening he had a big surprise for me; five death metal musicians arrived at camp, complete with guitars and drums to serenade us in the remote mountain campground. I had an even bigger surprise in store, though. He invited me to choose any of his friends to shack up with us for the night while the others strummed and belted out Death Metal into the early morning hours. What a night!

By Lash from Lash World Tour.

Found love on the road or has it just been a string of flings? Tell us your stories in the comments…

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