Backpacking Recipes: Tuna Seaweed Roll

Hostel Kitchen

Cooking in the hostel kitchen is easy, cheap and fun. Here’s how to whip up a tuna seaweed roll for lunch or snacking…

Tuna Seaweed Roll

Serves 3

This tasty wrap is perfect for a quick meal when you’ve slept in too long and
need to make that bus journey, quick! You can eat two now and save one for
later too.

Prep Time: 2 min
Cook Time: 5 min


• 125g flour
• 200ml water
• tbsp oil
• few pieces lettuce
• few pieces seaweed
• 1 tin tuna fish

1 Sieve flour into a big bowl. Pour the water into the flour and mix well.
2 Heat oil in a pan and pour 1/3 mixture in, use a steel cup to flatten.
3 Layer a piece of seaweed on top.
4 Add a piece of lettuce on top of the seaweed.
5 Pile the tuna on and roll it up, and serve.

By Dine with Deals

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