15 Places That Will Make You Quit Your Job and Travel

By Manita Dosanjh 

So winter is officially over, which means it’s time to start making your office daydreams of flying off to somewhere less grim a reality. Yes, I know, you love your job/course/everyday life routine, but don’t you wish you were somewhere better? Just for a little while?

Take a look, any one of these has got to beat your daily combination of desk + view-of-that-guy-across-the-street.

Daydreaming about holidays is my job, what’s your excuse?

1. Mo’orea Island, French Polynesia

A paradise island nestled in the South Pacific. Bliss. Here, you can enjoy clear lagoons, fresh seafood and lazy island life…

Mo'orea Island


2. Valle de la Luna, Chile

Ever wondered what it feels like stand on the surface of the moon? At sunset, the giant sand dune and rock formations in the Valle de la Luna (or Valley of the moon to you and me) reflect thousands of colours under the fading light – the process is said to be similar of the real thing. Minus the space suits.

Valle de la Luna, Chile


3. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten is just what you need after a long, dark winter. Crispy clean air (that may smell slightly weird near the fishing ports) and 24 hour daylight between May and August make this the perfect destination for summer-deprived office dwellers.

Lofoten valley, Norway


4. Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska

To get a glimpse of these, you have to take a short kayaking trip and ice climb over the Mendenhall Glacier, but it’s worth it. Sadly, the incredible shape of the caves is a direct result of the glacier slowly melting due to global warming, but the result is pretty special nonetheless.

Mendenhall Ice Caves Alaska


5. Cenote Dzitnup, Mexico

This oasis is cunningly hidden by the deceiving flat road landscape of the Yucatán Peninsula. A single opening in the limestone ceiling lets in a few eerie rays of sunlight. And yes the water really is that blue.

Cenote Dzitnup in Valladolid


6. Mount Thor, Canada

Famed for being the highest vertical drop in the world, Mount Thor is just as deadly as it is beautiful. Apparently it’s one of the most popular rock climbing sites in the world, but with a potential drop of over 4000 feet, I can’t imagine why…(!)

Mt. Thor , Baffin Island


7. Yosemite, California

Yosemite is the place to go if you’re looking to take your outdoorsy exploits to the next level. Hiking, camping, climbing, big rocks, rivers, waterfalls…you name it, Yosemite is the place.



8. Opal Creek, Oregon

This one’s for all you hiking lovers.  The opal creek wilderness has over 36 miles of hiking trails just waiting to be explored. There are also some pretty impressive mountain peaks to take in.

Opal Creek, Oregon


9. The Faroe Islands

A lot of people know the Faroese for their controversial take on whaling, but there’s so much more to these picturesque secrets of the North Atlantic. Some of the world’s friendliest people and what seems like all of the world’s sheep are just waiting to meet you.

Faroe Islands


10. Fly Geyser, Nevada

This is the product of a science experiment that went slightly wrong in 1964, resulting in scalding water being sprayed from calcium carbonate mounds. The rainbow colouring is caused by an unusual type of algae. All in all, a happy accident that turned into something bizarre and beautiful.

Fly geyser, Nirvada


11. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

It’s not difficult to see why Whitehaven beach is officially the most photographed beach in Australia. One of the most spectacular parts of the island is Hill Inlet, where the shallow tide shifts the sand to create a rare colour formation.

Whitehaven beach


12. Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

Named after the mythical King Finn MacCumhaill (or Fingal to his friends),  this impressive rock formation is so structurally precise, a lot of people  believe it was carved out by hand. The cave is actually the result of sea erosion and some clever geological processes that I’m not completely sure I understand. It’s cool to look at though.

Fingal's Cave in Staffa, Scotland


13. The Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole is a giant chasm underneath the ocean just off the coast of Belize. The hole is on the bucket list of most scuba diving fanatics; the water pressure means that dives can only last up to 30 mins, but the depth often leads to a dreamy state induced by nitrogen narcosis.

The Great Blue Hole Belize


14. Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis

If you’re willing to brave 108 icy steps leading down to the frozen Minnehaha Falls in the winter, you’ll be in with a chance of experiencing this spectacular view. This is only possible for a small (and fairly unpredictable) window of time towards the end of every winter, which means you may be disappointed when you visit. But, I’m sure you’ll agree, totally worth the risk.

Minnehaha Falls, Mineappolis


15. The Reed Flute Cave, China

Definitely not your average cave. The Reed Flute is 270 metres long and decorated with coloured lighting, making it both mildly creepy and wonderfully beautiful. Fun fact: the name ‘Reed Flute’ actually has nothing to do with the cave. It comes from some plants that grow nearby.

Reed flute cave, China


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Where have you been daydreaming about? Let us know…

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