Pisa Nightlife: Places and Districts to Go Out in Pisa



Pisa isn’t exactly known amongst Italians for the pace and variety of its nightlife. But with a lively student population making sure that the drinks keep flowing in the city’s bars, there’s plenty to keep travelers happy on a night out.

Nightlife in Pisa generally ebbs and flows with the students, so it’s worth keeping a tab on their general whereabouts. Thursdays are the big night in the city, as (along with stretches during the summer) the students often go home over weekends.

The Lungarni district and the streets around Piazza Garibaldi are the best places to get an evening started. Budget-friendly, and with a vibrant, friendly atmosphere, the majority of people studying in Pisa both live and go out here, and there are plenty of good bars.

There’s a cluster of chic (and pricier) cafés on Borgo Stretto ideal for a quiet drink before heading to the river banks for some dinner and wine. Alternatively, the Piazza Cairoli is home to a couple of even classier cocktail dispensing establishments full of the more locals.

For those looking for a proper night out, the bars and club are, while few and far between, filled with a surprisingly energetic scene. Many of the larger pubs turn into mini clubs as the night wears on, and the friendly locals will be happy to point you in the direction of the best action.

Pisa jams to a variety of tunes and genres, and rock and jazz fans should be equally satisfied by the live music scene on offer. Bars do, however, tend to close between one and two in the morning, so a night out normally starts and ends earlier than elsewhere in Italy.

Should you happen to turn up in Pisa during the summer and everything seems a bit quiet, don’t worry – many will have only gone to Viareggio (the next town along) for its headier summer nightlife scene.

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