What’s Happening in October?


Wanna know what’s happening around the world in October? Take a look at these cool and kooky October festivals…

1. Phuket Vegetarian Festival, Thailand

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

What: Sounds innocent, right? The Phuket Vegetarian Festival in Thailand is probably one of the most shocking organised spectacles you can see in broad daylight. With acts of self-torture including piercing cheeks with blades and bicycle spokes, climbing ladders of knives and walking on hot coals, you might have trouble picking your jaw off the floor…

Where: Phuket Old Town

When: 5-13th October 2013

More info: 7 Spectacular Festivals in South East Asia

2. Dussehra, India


What: Happening across India, Dussehra celebrates folk hero Rama’s victory over the demon-king Ravana with elephant parades, food festivals, bonfires, fireworks, flaming arrows and pyrotechnic displays lighting up the sky.

Where: Mysore Dasara, but also Mumbai, Varanasi and Kota.

When: 14th October 2013

More info: Dussehra (Dasara)

3. Berlin Festival of Lights, Germany

Berlin Festival of Light

What: For a two-week period in October, Berlin’s buildings shimmer with light displays. Buildings on show include the Bradenburg Gate, Berlin Concert Hall, Unter den Linden Boulevard, Berliner Dom and the Oberbaumbruecke Bridge.

Where: Everywhere in Berlin

When: 9-20th October 2013

More info: Berlin Festival of Lights

4. Naga Fireballs Festival, Thailand

Mekong Fireballs

What: Strange, unexplained balls of fire rise from the Mekong River in Thailand every year, and a festival celebrating the mysterious phenomenon takes place over the last days of Buddhist Lent in October.

Where: Phon Phisai, Thailand.

When: 14th-20th October (the main festival event is on October 19th)

More info: More about 2013’s festival is found on Mutmee, and our own report on the festival is found at Naga Fireballs: Science, Myth or Hoax?

5. October Plenty, London

October Plenty - The Berry Man

What: A traditional Autumn harvest parade, held on the banks of the Thames and lead by the Berry Man (pictured). The Corn Queene – an effigy made of barley and root vegetables – also takes a star turn.

Where: Starts outside Shakespeare’s Globe on Bankside, moves to Borough Market.

When: 20th October 2013

More info: The Lion’s Part

6. Halloween, USA

Halloween man in Central Park

What: Pagan festival ‘all hallow’s eve’ has become the Western world’s excuse for a costume party, with loads of booze for adults or kids trick-or-treating for sweets. For the most excessive and flambouyant celebrations, look to New York City in the good ol’ USA – though festivities in Australia, the UK and Ireland are starting to catch up…

Where: All over the world – the biggest parties are in the USA

When: 31st October 2013

More info: See how to dress yourself (and your dog) in Halloween in New York in 50 Pictures and get some English inspiration from 6 Cheap Thrills for Halloween in London. Snap up a hotel in New York for the festivities now – they start at €23.52pppn @ The Sohotel

Thans to lobo235, Roberto Tim, Binder.donedat, NavRooz.Singh, extranoise, giggle1025, SPakhrin and LoneWalkerNYC for the images off Flickr. Please note all images were used under the Creative Commons License at the time of posting.

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