20 “Oh, Sh*t!” Moments you’re Definitely Going to Have Travelling

Bungee jump

By Isabel Clift  (Twitter: @Isabel_Clift)

What moments have made you go “oh, shit!” when you’re on the road?

The longer you travel, the more you’re going to have experiences out of your comfort zone – and with these can come mistakes, mishaps and moments of absolute calamity (that you’ll end up laughing about… eventually.)

I asked Facebook and HostelBookers’ office of well-seasoned backpackers to tell me their best “oh, shit!” moments to help make this list. Warning: the longer you travel, the more of these are probably, maybe, definitely going to happen to you too…

20 “oh shit!” travel moments in gifs…

1. The first time you encounter a squat toilet.


2. When your plane hits turbulence so hard it drops in the air.


3. When you’re on the edge of the bungee platform/ski run/sky dive and already know, deep down, your insurance doesn’t cover this.

what are you doing

4. When that spider is bigger than your hand.


5. When you completely forget the name of the person you’ve been travelling with for the last few days.


6. When you’re hiking and it hits you you’re in the middle of nowhere… if something goes wrong nobody’s coming to help anytime soon.


7. When you can see the road beneath your feet on a bus.


8. When you order vodka and coke and the barman hands over a full glass of vodka and a coke mini.


9. When you reach the top of the mountain you’ve been climbing the last six hours and see the view.


10. The first time you know the bed above isn’t rocking because your bunkmate’s a bad sleeper, but for…. other reasons.

WTF are you doing

11. When you wake up somewhere totally unfamiliar with no wallet or memory of how you got there… were you robbed or was it alcohol?


12. The very first time you understand why they told you not to eat street food.

I regret everything

13. When you get off the bus, hear the doors hiss shut behind you, watch it pull away… and realise your backpack is still on it.

Kidding me

14. When you leave a tip and get an angry stare only to work out too late you left less than a penny.


15. When you should have checked out of your hostel ten minutes ago to catch your flight but your passport is absolutely nowhere in the room…


16. When you cancel your first tour because you haven’t been to bed yet from the party the night before.


17. The first time you sit in a taxi, check for a seat belt and find… nothing.

Now what

18. When you step out of an airport in South East Asia and realise what ‘humidity’ actually means.

Head shaking

19. When you get mobbed by kids because you look so unusual. At first it’s cute, then it’s ego-boosting (you’re a celebrity!), then mildly irritating, then, when it becomes clear they’re really not going to leave and it’s going to have to be you who does the escaping, slight intimidation.


20. When you bump into people that you met in a hostel six months ago in a supermarket on the other side of the world.


Tell us any we missed in the comments…

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