How Not to Use Instagram When You’re Travelling


Today’s guest post is from Sean Mahon, Deputy Editor at the iGap Travel Guide, the ultimate resource for all your gap travel needs.

OK, so you’ve uploaded the obligatory pre-departure airport shot to Instagram. What do you take a snap of next? The departure board? The Wetherspoons breakfast you are about to consume? Before you do, hold it right there…you might be committing a heinous social media crime that so many of us are guilty of when on holiday, you are being an Instagram douche. A lot of guilty perpetrators aren’t even aware they’re committing Instagram crimes, so before you become a fully fledged felon take a look at these tips….

1) Limit the #hashtags

Hashtag stacking

Yes it’s the easiest way to get likes for your latest snap, but is it really necessary to add 10 hashtags?  Tagging #blueskies followed by #brightsun may be a great way to get followers, but it also comes across as desperate. Follower-baiting is never pretty, limit your tags to a mximum of 5.

2) Tone down the selfies

Kim K Selfie

OK, in this self obsessed age you’re just being a curmudgeonly old stooge if you do not embrace the modern phenomenon of the selfie. Don’t be ashamed, be part of the herd and take that selfie in front of the Christ the Redeemer or whatever the nearest attraction is. Go easy though, have some selfie-restraint.

3) Avoid filter-faking

filter fakers

Tagging #nofilter when you know you’ve used one is seriously uncool. Especially now with site like Filterfakers, followers can easily tell if you’re lying.

4) Stay away from cheesey travel quotes

Inspirational Travel Quote

Travel quotes should generally be a no-go on Instagram. It’s just not the right audience. If you love inspirational quotes (and who doesn’t, once in a while?) maybe try Pinterest instead…

5) Don’t over-post

Overposting on Instagram

So you’re seeing your favorite band play live, the one photo will do. Clogging timelines with a detailed account from opener to encore is not necessary. Unless you like losing friends…

6) Leave behind the hot dog legs trend

Hot dog legs

We’re not sure why but somehow this became a thing. Typically beach or pool side, this shot is a great setup for showing off those toned legs achieved after immense carb-cutting. One per holiday is permissible but make sure to put a collar on them after that. Otherwise you’ll be entering the realm of Instagram

7) Choose your sunsets wisely

Sunset Venice Beach

One of nature’s most beautiful sights….ruined by copious Instagram posts. Remember, they’re much prettier in real life than through the prism of a phone…

8) Don’t over-use #FoodPorn


It’s great that you are enjoying that Pad Thai bought from a market stall on the edge of Khao San Road. But why delay the devouring of it by deciding whether to use the 1977 or Mayfair filter?

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