Horse Meat you’ll WANT to Eat? 12 Dishes Around the World

Horse Meat Butcher, Italy

By Isabel Clift

Tesco burgers. Findus beef lasagne. Ikea meatballs (nooooooooo!) – all food you wouldn’t expect to have Black Beauty DNA in, but do. As the European horse meat scandal gallops on, it’s worth remembering eating equines isn’t taboo in many parts of the world. Check out this small sample of dishes to see how to serve a horse course…


1. Horse sashimi (basashi)

Horse Meat Sashimi, Japan

Horse meat is served every which way in Japan – most popularly as thin slices of raw meat (sashimi) which can be dipped in soy sauce and served with ginger and onions (this is when it’s known as basashi).


2. Horse meat soup

Horse meat soup, Japan

This steaming bowl of stewed horse and chopped cabbage was snapped at Fujiyoshida, Mt. Fuji.


3. Horse ham

Horse Ham from Japan

The all-American Nutella and Pabst in the background gives it away: this is a Brooklyn kitchen. But! The photographer imported the horse meat from Japan.


4. Beshbarmak

Kazakhstan beshbarmak

The Khazakh national dish serves thinly sliced roast horse with flat noodles and onions, plus potatoes and broth on the side.


5. Horse platter

Uzbekistan horse meat platter

Horse is typical to Uzbek cuisine – this platter (served cold) showcases it three ways: tripe on the left, roasted in the middle, and sausage (qazi) on the right.


6. Sauerbraten

Sauerbraten, Germany

This traditional pot roast dish can be made from beef, venison and lamb as well as horse, and involves marinading the cut in wine or vinegar for up to ten days before cooking. Goes with red cabbage and potato dumplings.


7. Sfilacci (cured horse)

 Sfilacci, Venice, Italy

A typical Venetian dish – raw, shredded horse meat tops salads, pastas, risotto or pizza; or eaten on its own with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of olive oil.


8. Horse meat sausage

Horse meat sausage, France

Horse meat sausages and salami are widely sold in certain parts of Italy including Lombardia, Veneto, Sardinia and Sicily.


9. Horse steak

 Horse meat steak, Iceland

Horse is particularly popular as steak or mince in Iceland, but is also found in stews or fondue.


10. Horse meat fondue

 France Horse meat fondue

Horse can be bought at special butcher shops in France, as well as across the counter in some supermarkets. It’s shown here served in a twist on the typical French fondue.


11. Leberkäsesemmel

Leberkäsesemmel, Austria

A horse meat version of popular bologna sausage-like Leberkäse is sold at special horse butchers and some street stalls in Austria. The bread (semmel) is stuffed with horse Leberkäse and mustard or pickled cucumbers.


12. Hot Horse burger

Hot Horse Burger, Ljubljana

Stumbling home from a night out in Ljubljana? Skip the kebab and sink your teeth into a horse burger from Hot Horse – the McDonalds of equine fast food. Find this late-night stall in Tivoli Park, on Miklosiceva, Trubarjeva and in BTC City.

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