Infographic: Why Brits are the Best Grand Prix Racers

Grand Prix Infographic

Will you be watching the Grand Prix this Sunday (March 17th)? The action kicks off at Albert Park, Melbourne, with 22 drivers of 12 different nationalities on the starting grid.

Now, we don’t like to brag, but we’re pretty certain a British driver will rule the roost this year. Here’s why…

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Grand Prix Infographic - why the British are the best drivers

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You want MORE proof? OK, we’ve got it in writing too:


  • Britain has collected the most championship points throughout history.
  • In 64 years of Grand Prix over 25% of total races have been won by the British.
  • 22% of the fastest laps have been set by British drivers.
  • Only 13% of the total Grand Prix drivers have ever won a race – and 19% of those winners were British.
  • 2.47% of the total drivers to winners have been British.
  • 12% of British drivers have won their home Grand Prix in comparison with 3.7% of Germans.
  • America has produced 19% of all Grand Prix drivers. But only 2 have won the championship – Mario Andretti in 1978, Phil Hill in 1961. In comparison the UK has produced 19% and has won 14 championships, including Jackie Stewart’s triple crown.
  • Germany has produced 6% of all Grand Prix drivers ever and has won 10 championships, including Michael Schumacher’s 7 and Sebastian Vettel’s 3.
  • With Lewis Hamilton’s recent move to Mercedes we’ll see a Brit in a German car again, but history shows that only one driver has ever won a race in a German car. This was legendary Brit Sterling Moss in 1955, at the British Grand Prix (haha). So Hamilton might need a bit of luck this year.


  • Britain has made 49% of all Grand Prix cars, with 67% of them finishing the race compared to Italy in second place, who built 18% of all cars with 68% of them finishing.
  • The most successful British drivers in terms of race wins have been Nigel Mansell, Jackie Stewart and Jim Clark. Arguably you could state Graham Hill with his two championship wins to Mansell’s one, but Mansell did win more races.


  • 17.5% of crashes have been down the British (and our thirst to entertain).
  • Italians nearly match us though, with 17.2% of the total number of crashes.
  • Interesting 41% of retirements by fire have been in a British car, maybe ‘cos of our  ability to create the most exciting action on the track, good or bad?


  • Brazil has the highest viewing figures for Grand Prix races in 2012, but the UK is blessed with the most live coverage throughout the season that any other country with Sky broadcasting all sessions. See Reuters for more.

Stats were created using data from and the BBC.

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