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Shopping in Granada is a mixed bag: there are the pleasingly bogus Moroccan tables, throws and ashtrays on Calle Caldereria; then there are the big name high street stores and the shoe shops with their dazzlingly colorful wares that line the streets around Plaza Bib-Rambla.

But it’s also a big university town, and the presence of so many student

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s explains the cluster of excellent vintage and second-hand clothes shops in Granada. These can be found, pretty much as you’d expect, over to the west of the city center in the student neighborhood, around the Plaza de la Universidad.

M'Enkanta Shop, Granada (from

The first, M’Enkanta, is on the Plaza de la Universidad itself, and specializes in the sort of trademark Granada ethno/hippy wear – baggy trousers, long floaty skirts, bangles… that kind of thing. (But a lot better than some of the tacky stores you find elsewhere in the city.) Just next door is La Buhardilla, which sells an assortment of t-shirts, jeans and dresses amongst its selection of excellent vintage clothing.

Second-hand Shop, Calle Escuelas, Granada

Round the corner on Calle Escuelas, meanwhile, there are a couple more Granada shopping gems in the form of Ropero (No. 12) and its spill-over store a couple of doors down. Here you can pick up practically anything – from vintage t-shirts, cool trainers and leather jackets, to antique-looking golf clubs and even used sleeping bags! The music’s often pretty cool, too, and it’s hard to avoid losing yourself in rail after rail of tempting threads.

If all the rummaging gets a bit too much, the solution is simple: just nip back round to the Plaza de la Universidad, grab a chair outside one of the bars there…

View from Plaza de la Universidad, Granada

…order a drink and admire the view!

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