35 Surprising Stories of Free Stuff You’ve Got While Travelling

Free things you get from travelling: Friendship

We asked Facebook to tell us the best free thing they’d ever received while travelling and woah, we had no idea how diverse the answers would be. Read on to find out 35 free things other travellers have got on the road, from hugs to a ukelele to a husband!

In fact, the answers inspired us to do our own office poll. See the free swag HostelBookers has got at the end…

  1. Alex J. Mierke-Zatwarnicki tickets to a concert and an opportunity to party with the opening band afterwards!
  2. Andrew Bennett Friendship!!!!!
  3. Esteban Cervi Sex.
  4. Jess Radogna My puppy!! Brought him all the way back with us!
  5. Tracy Davidson Amazement when seeing Vegas lit up for the first time and humbleness when I saw the coliseum in Rome.
  6. Ieva Bierande A hug
  7. Derek Childers Place to stay, food, and a hot shower in Switzerland when me and my friend were left stranded in the rain at a train station
  8. Travel friendsNomads Melbourne Backpackers life long friendships
  9. φεη δΘ The best thing I have ever received while travelling is a ticket to attend Xmas midnight mass at St. Peter’s Basilica celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 and it is given by a mysterious gentleman from Holland! He didn’t give me his name.
  10. Valerie Johnson Upgrade to first class on the long haul flights – TWICE!
  11. Ann Pagute Geyrosaga I found love
  12. Sietske van Vugt The memory of spending the night on Regent Street, London queuing to meet Paul McCartney. Met some fab people and the atmosphere was just brilliant! (The autographs I got were quite nice as well)
  13. Rion Coy wisdom
  14. Angela D Quilliam Memories
  15. Michal Jakosz A kiss from a beautiful Canadian girl. We spent an evening together and were both travelling in opposite directions in the morning. I really wish we hadn’t.
  16. Kyle Kozel An Italy chef gave me his bandana, replacing the one I lost early in a rock off.
  17. Lucia Fernandez a ukelele!
  18. Rachel Prout A bag of weed, randomly. She couldn’t take it with her to the airport.
  19. Ashley Barwick My wife. We met in Santa Monica while staying at a youth hostel. Proposed on my birthday and got married on hers. Very soon I’ll be migrating to the U.S. to live with her permanently.
  20. Taz Au Kindness & help from strangers, letting me see that not every1 is bad, that there are still some decent ppl in the world! Many of these ppl will never know how much their kindness / help has meant in so many ways. I spend much of myself trying to pay it forward, hoping others will appreciate & pay it forward too.
  21. Travel coupleHuey Miin Kor Two local kiwi guys give us abalone and sea urchin for dinner when we only have got plain white rice.
  22. Tom Cho Rock in Rio tickets to see Red hot chili peppers with VIP pass to drink free coronas all night!!!
  23. Melissa Reale People we didnt know, gave us their free passes to enter the Louvre in Paris. The best free stuff was the whole travel experience!!
  24. Monique Draycott A ride up the 16km Plateau de Beille (Pyrenee) in France to watch a mountain top finish of the Tour de France. We wouldn’t have made it otherwise!
  25. Cathrine Milo Lorentzen True happiness.
  26. Aaron Devoy Basketball tickets from a policeman in Houston!!!
  27. Thibault Saveret Someone offered me a ticket for Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  28. Marie Hofmannova A smile. Hundreds of them. Kind words and help.
  29. Travel kissSteph Cheek an engagement ring (:
  30. April Chang The best free thing to me is the kindness from local people in Egypt! Many of them just walked me to the place I wanna go when I asked how to get there. ^ ^
  31. Aimee Tubnor Free walking tours – they’re always advertised in the hostels and they are such a great way to see the sights and learn a few things about the place you’re visiting. P.S. It is always nicer though if you do tip the guide – they are usually awesome enough to warrant a decent tip anyway!
  32. Tannass Ity Seven white swan feathers from a French man in Ireland. He collected the nicest ones he could find for me from a pond while I was feeding the swans. They were perfect.
  33. Marion Fitzharris A two hour lift to our hotel in Chennai when we couldn’t cope with the tuk tuk drivers there. Forever grateful.
  34. Jörg Tredup Free use of VW Buggy and kayaks from friendly canadian hostelowners in Baja California/Mexico
  35. Solo: The independent traveller Spectacular views and an insight to the different ways in which lives are lead around me.

…and from the HostelBookers office

Alexia (content writer) I once lied and said it was our wedding anniversary at a hotel… free bottle of wine + bubble bath who hoo!

Preeti (marketing exec) Upgrade to executive class. (Was very nice, free Champagne, food menu, leg room and films on tap) Only thing is I was ill on my way back from India and couldn’t enjoy!

Shing (social media exec) Curiosity – every time I met someone who has been somewhere I don’t know a lot about, it makes me want to go there.

Florent (marketing exec): On holiday in San Francsisco when I was 14, my dad and I got talking to a guy in a laundromat. From the look of him we presumed he was homeless, but at the end of our chat he dug in his pocket and gave us a $100 bill “to spend on the strip.”

Carlos (product specialist) Upgrade to business class on a flight from Paris to Mexico. I slept nearly the whole way and normally I can never sleep on flights.

Jerry (marketing assistant) Flight socks!

Dan (marketing manager) A lift to Camerones on the Argentinian coast. It had a penguin colony nearby this small town, but the only way to get to the town was hitch-hiking as no public transport ran there. We caught a bus from Comodoro Rivadavia to Trelew and got off half way along, 70km from the Camerones our destination and the nearest town, it really was in the middle of nowhere.

We’d been waiting for 3hrs with no joy and were resigning ourselves to the fact that we would have to stay there, when, with the sun setting and our hearts sinking, a truck pulled up and offered us a lift… in the back were 11 men who had been relaying a road in Comodoro Rivadavia and were staying in Camerones.

My friend had a guitar with him and we spent the next 45 minutes bouncing along a winding road singing songs including La Bamba with the Argentinian workers. Probably one of my abiding memories of travelling.

Tell us what free things you’ve got from travelling in the comments…

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