21 Ways Travel Addicts Can Use Pinterest

Travel and Pinterest

– Written by Victoria Philpott

Pinterest is a great way to organise your memories, wishes, hopes, dreams and just cool findings as you surf the internet and cruise through life. If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s how from the horse’s mouth. Wait! Before you go just check out all the cool ways travel addicts can use Pinterest to feed their habit.

Travel addicts on Pinterest

1. Make your travel wishlist like Nicole Blaess-Smith from bittenbythetravelbug.com.

2. Create a country bragging list a la Michael Hodson from goseewrite.com.

3. Or just a funny travel-related bragging list like Johnny from johnnyjet.com.

4. Find travel-related things to do when you’re not travelling like us at HostelBookers.com

5. Compile the your favourite recipes from the road, like Erica Kuschel from overyonderlust.com.

21 Ways Travel Addicts Can Use Pinterest

6. Log your a specific trip like Tiffany Montgomery.

7. Inspire travel through words like Kirsten Alana from kirstenalana.com.

8. To store all your film recommendations in one place like Pamela Dixon.

9. And your travel books to read too, like Olga Halchenko.

10. List your favourite places in the world like Nellie from WildJunket.com.

21 Ways Travel addicts can use pinterest

11. Share your favourite restaurants in each city like us at HostelBookers.com.

12. To keep all your favourite portraits in one place like Mallory on Travel.

13. To create ultimate destination lists like G Adventures.

14. To indulge your (quirky) interests like Zoe Dawes from thequirkytraveller.com.

15. To collect your favourite travel videos like Cailin O’Neill from travelyourself.ca.

16. To make you laugh like Cherie King from flightofthetravelbee.com.

21 Ways Travel addicts can use pinterest

17. To make me laugh like Bethany from beersandbeans.com.

18. To big up your friends like Angie from angieaway.com.

19. To create destination boards like Karen Bryan from europealacarte.com.

20. Collate a shared board of cool travel stuff like Emily from maiden-voyage-travel.com.

21. Share your crazy thoughts like Jodi Etternberg from legalnomads.com.

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