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– Written by Victoria Philpott

Shock travel news this month includes 11-year-old schoolboy Liam Cocoran managing to escape from a shopping trip in Manchester with his mum all the way to Rome via a Jet2 flight. No passport, no family and no questions asked. Someone’s going to be in trouble for that one…

Speaking of trouble Australia’s cabin crew are having the ‘mate’ knocked out of them. Virgin Australia says the word is too informal when talking to its business class passengers. Virgin flight attendants are to complete a course in etiquette, wine-appreciation, grooming and body language. *Cough* Ridiculous *Cough*.

And finally, anyone in a mini skirt (less than 38cm) can get a discount at The Merryland Resort near Guilin in China. I can guarantee this is not going to end well. But anyway…

Blogger of the month

Paul from +

Best travel blogger for July

As well as being an excellent travel blogger at Paul is also a champion of sharing and caring. This month he launched the excellent which curates the best travel content on the web according to the users. Just upload your favourite travel articles and users will vote forcing the best articles to the top.

Paul’s successful site not only features his posts but also the musings of some of the biggest and best travel bloggers around, making it a top go to site for anyone looking for travel recommendations and tips.

5 reasons why we love Paul…

July’s best articles

ENGLAND: Neil from admits that as a 28-year-old guy it might not be cool to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour, but he doesn’t care. He saw the deatheaters, drank butterbeer and walked around sets. Check out his review of Neil’s time as close to Hogwarts as a grown-up muggle like him will ever be.

Neil from Backpacks and bedbunks at the Harry Potter Studio Tour

THAILAND: Mark from is out to make your mouth water in his post about his Day Trip to Bangkok’s Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market. You’ll find foods at this market that you’ve never even heard of before as well as the usual suspects like pork and sausages with a Thai-style makeover. I’d love to/need to eat my way around this market some time very soon.

Bangkok’s Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market

USA: Jefferson, Texas, just looks incredible. It’s stuck in a timewarp and the signs say 1873. You can buy retro sweets, see the vehicles from times gone by and wonder at what could have been for this now sleepy town. Suzy from visits the past in Jefferson, Texas, Wishes You Were Here.

Suzy Guese Blog

AUSTRALIA: I love Beverley from’s quick look photo diary of her East Coast Australia Road Trip. She’s got a picture or a few words, or both, to describe what her and the boyf have seen on their trip from Sydney to Cape Tribulation to Cairns. It looks incredible!


HAWAII: Think Hawaii and you think sandy beaches, hula hula skirts and laise around the neck on touch down – well I do anyway. Deb and Dave from have proved my assumptions wrong, as many travel bloggers have done before, and found a part of Hawaii that goes against my stereotypes. Check out their beautiful photo post on The Island of Lanai to see what I mean.

Hotel in Hawaii

What about us?

I’d love to say we’ve been eating and boozing July away all in the name of research for 50 Local Drinks Around the World and the London Street Food Guide, but we haven’t. Instead we’ve been slaving away researching Dubrovnik and finding the top 10 cheap things to do, the best accommodation and our top Dubrovnik cheap eats too.

Salt beef bagel The London Street Food Guide

We’ve also been getting mightily excited about the Olympics and although none of us actually have tickets we’ve found solace in the fact that there are huge Olympic screens in London. If you’re not in London here’s where the rest of the UK big screens have been erected.

And have you seen our favourite Travel Tattoos?

tatttooo e1342174408856 25 of the Worst Travel Tattoos Ever: Think Before You Ink!

One last blog post of joy

Yep, yep, 50 Shades of Grey, bored of the hype already, but what about 50 Shades of Blue? The Ego Tripper from shares his beautiful images of the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean.

Thanks to all the bloggers for their images and to Elvert Barnes for the top image from Flickr. Please note, all images were used under the Creative Commons License at the time of posting. 

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