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What is #WeGoSolo?

The #WeGoSolo social media movement supports and encourages solo female travellers to travel safely, wisely and well. In addition to supporting women’s rights, #WeGoSolo recognises the need to reveal the truth and scope of violence against women.

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Solo Travel Dream Destination Contest

Here at HostelBookers, we believe in the right for women to travel alone and are passionate about helping you fulfil your dreams of seeing the world.

In support of #WeGoSolo, we have teamed up with four amazing female travellers to create the “Going It Alone” survey AND offer solo female travellers the chance to travel to their dream destinations.

So here’s the deal – you tell us about what motivates you to travel solo and how you travel alone in our quick survey, and in return we want to offer you the chance to travel to your dream destination. Here’s how in two easy steps…

  1. Fill out the “Going It Alone” survey here.
  2. For a chance to win your dream trip, visit one of our 4 bloggers’ sites (or hey, visit them all!) and tell them what your dream destination would be. Each blog will randomly select a winner and HostelBookers will cover the accommodation costs!

Tell our bloggers where you want to go here:

Breathe Dream Go

Dangerous Business

Otts World

The Shooting Star

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Background of #WeGoSolo

In February 2013, following the highly publicised rape of a young woman on a public bus in India and the death of an American woman while travelling on her own in Turkey, travel blogger Mariellen Ward began the #WeGoSolo movement.

These two tragic events caused a media and social uproar, including some who seemed to blame the victims and asked: “Why was she travelling alone?” and “Why wasn’t she at home with her family?”

Female travellers and bloggers around the world fought back and the #WeGoSolo movement was born.

Meet Our 4 Bloggers

Mariellen of Breathe Dream Go

Mariellen of Breath Dream Go“One day in February 2013, I hit the wall. I was fed up with the media coverage surrounding several highly publicized accounts of attacks against women in Turkey, India, Brazil and several other countries. The backlash to some of these reports was patently misogynist. Comments like “she shouldn’t have been travelling alone” were posted online, insinuating the women were somehow at fault. So, I jumped on a travel blogger forum and asked people to join me by writing blog posts that defended and encouraged female solo travellers, the rights of women in general and the truth behind violence against women.

The wonderful Evelyn “Journeywoman” Hannon coined the hashtag, #WeGoSolo, and the “movement” was born. And it went viral! I wrote a blog post about the inspiration behind #WeGoSolo  and started keeping a running list of all the blogs published. I stopped counting at 70! Since then, I have been running weekly blog chats on Wednesdays at 11 am EST, and a community has formed, with many great bloggers and travellers pitching in to guest host.

The reason that I felt so impassioned to defend solo female travel is because my solo trip to India in 2005-2006 saved my life. I have written about this many times, in many places and of course especially on my blog Breathedreamgo and in my book Song of India. When I first went to India, I was struggling to recover from a deep depression that was triggered by the sudden death of my mother, followed by several other devastating losses. Travelling alone in India for six months completely recharged my life, and kick-started my creativity, too. Plus, it gave my confidence an enormous boost. To say that trip changed my life is an understatement!”

Amanda of Dangerous Business

Amanda from Dangerous Business“As a woman who frequently travels alone, I’m used to hearing “the lines.” From family, friends, even complete strangers. The usual ‘Be careful,’ the frequent ‘You’re crazy,’ and even the occasional ‘You’re gonna die.’ I’ve heard it all and have become used to it – but that doesn’t mean that I’ve come to accept the scepticism surrounding women travelling solo.

After years of travelling – many times on my own – I have come to realize that while, yes, travelling as a woman CAN sometimes put you in precarious situations, it doesn’t have to be scary or dangerous if you’re smart about it.

I honestly feel like every traveller should travel solo at least once, simply because of what you can get out of it. For me, travelling solo has made me more adventurous and spontaneous. It’s made me more willing to challenge myself and push myself out of my normal comfort zone. It’s taught me to be a bit more outgoing, and yet at the same time has taught me to enjoy my own company. If I had to sum up what I get from solo travel in one word though? Confidence.”

Sherry of Otts World

Sherry of Otts World“‘Aren’t you lonely?’, ‘Isn’t it dangerous?’ – These are the most common questions I get from women who desperately want to get out and travel but don’t think they can do it alone. This line of questioning always followed by, ‘I can’t do that.’ I personally feel that there’s nothing worse than someone thinking they aren’t capable of achieving something.

Travelling solo is often a big step for women – and one of my goals has always been to show women that they can do it on their own and that much to their surprise they will actually enjoy it.  I have always lived my life such that I wait for nothing – if there’s something you want to do – then you can’t wait for others to join you, you have to learn how to get comfortable going it on your own else you’ll never go anywhere.”

Shivya of The Shooting Star

Shivya of The Shooting Star“My inspiration to join #WeGoSolo stemmed from everything that’s said out there about how unsafe it is to travel alone in India, and to travel as a woman. As a 20-something solo Indian traveller, I take it upon me to dispel the myths associated with travelling solo, in India and across the globe; it’s something I write about extensively on my blog, The Shooting Star​.

Some of my most memorable travel adventures – spending time in the highest inhabited village of the Trans Himalayas of India, hitchhiking along the Persian Gulf in Bahrain, hiking in the wilderness of southern Spain – have convinced me that there’s nothing more empowering and liberating than knowing you can go solo. And the weekly #WeGoSolo tweetchats reiterate just that. It’s about sharing the wanderlust and seeking inspiration in the adventures of fellow solo female travellers.”

Here at HostelBookers, we’ve been inspired by Mariellen’s #WeGoSolo project from the start and we hope that by teaming up on this project we can inspire women to have the confidence to travel solo if they want to.

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